British Woman Finds ‘World’s Most Venomous Spider’ Inside Her Banana

A British woman is making headlines after finding a nest in her banana that she believes belongs to a dangerous species of spiders.

Michaela Egan, 24, discovered a white nest in her Tesco bananas, but there were no sign of spiders anywhere. The fact that the spiders are likely playing hide and seek somewhere in her home, has the young woman scared for her life.

A horrified Michaela drove back to the supermarket, where local market staff took the nest-infested banana back and sent it for lab testing, The Mirror reports.

The white nest found in her bananas is believed to have been made by a Brazilian wandering spider or Phoneutria. These dangerous spiders are known to hide inside supermarket bananas. In 2010, the deadly Brazilian spider was added to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most venomous spider.

British woman finds brazilian wandering spider nest inside banana.

A single bite from this venomous spider can kill a human in less than two hours. The deadly poison travels through your blood stream until it reaches the heart — eventually you die of heart failure. And it’s because of this, why Michaela probably won’t be getting much sleep.

Recently, Michaela spoke to the Romford Recorder and gave this statement.

“I’m worried about the fact there could be a dangerous spider in my house!

“My daughter is five and my son is one, along with our new puppy that eats anything shes finds on the floor and a cat.”

This is not the first time these venomous spiders were spotted in local market bananas. Earlier this month, a family in Britain also had the same encounter with a Brazilian wandering spider. The family had purchased a couple of bananas from the local market when they also spotted white nests.

Fortunately, no one was attacked and the queen spider, is still on the loose hiding somewhere in the supermarket. The owner of the supermarket expressed horror and told the media how this type of spider is more dangerous than the black widow spiders and even scorpions.

The Brazilian wandering spiders originate from South America and tend to sneak into bananas before they are shipped to countries like the U.K.

A spokesperson for Tesco banana stated the banana they received is still being tested. In addition, the company also said that they will be in close touch with Michaela about any results.

So, the next time you have the munchies and want to eat a banana, don’t forget to check for a Brazilian wandering spider — because you might get (un)lucky and find one.

(Photo via Bruno Vincent / Getty Images)