WWE Rumors: New Matches Being Discussed For ‘Battleground’ – Three More Huge Title Matches And Possible Spoilers

Only two matches are currently official for the WWE Battleground event happening in four weeks, but many rumors are floating around. Already, there are whispers that four more matches could be added to the card, and that includes three more huge title bouts. One of those is John Cena vs. Kevin Owens III which many thought might hold off until SummerSlam.

Right now, the main event is set with Brock Lesnar challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The only other match confirmed is Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns in a grudge fight. WWE will likely add four or five more matches, but it looks like four are already being discussed.

There could be SPOILERS ahead for WWE Battleground so if you don’t want to possibly know what is going to happen then stop reading now.

First of all, it looks like Kevin Owens taking on John Cena for a third time won’t wait until SummerSlam, but will happen in July. This match is expected to be for the United States Title, and it could lead to Owens actually winning it.

According to WrestleZone, Owens could take the title and the two would have their fourth match at SummerSlam. That would finally end their feud, but the result of that match isn’t yet known.

Another title match being discussed would see Ryback put the WWE Intercontinental Title on the line against Big Show again, but that wouldn’t be all. This time, the match would be a Triple Threat with The Miz joining in on things.

Of course, the WWE Tag Team Titles are expected to be defended by the Prime Time Players, and it would be against the former champs, The New Day. It doesn’t look as if the Prime Time Players will be losing their newly won titles this soon though.

Sheamus just recently won the Money in the Bank briefcase with a WWE Title match contract in it, but he’s taken a downward turn ever since. He has started a feud with Randy Orton, and it is believed that they will have a match at Battleground with Orton getting the win.

WWE Battleground is shaping up to be a great event, but only two matches are confirmed and the rest are still rumors. All of these other matches could be added, and so could others, but a number of changed could be made as well.

[Images via WWE]