Pig Born With Two Heads And Three Eyes–And Could Make Farmer Rich {Video]

This little piggy…has two heads and three eyes and has become an internet sensation. The farmer who owns the pig, Hegel Ortega Padilla, 68, has never seen anything like this piglet. He stated that the rest of the litter was normal and healthy. The adorable, unique piglet has two snouts and three eyes. Padilla isn’t sure yet what he’ll do with the newcomer. Many businesses have offered big money for the piglet, as it could draw customers from near and far, according to the Mirror.

The little piglet otherwise is normal with the same pink skin and black spots as the others in its litter. Hundreds of locals in their village in Columbia flocked to see the rare specimen, according to Express.

The piglet went viral on social media. Some superstitious locals in the village in Columbia where the piglet was born believe it should be killed. But Hegel’s son, Fernando Ortega, stated that they have been working with pigs for over 10 years and have never seen this deformity, known as polycephaly. He stated the following, according to the Mirror.

“Everyone began to ask about the pig, they wanted to find out about it and take pictures….It was a sensation. However, no one knows why it was born with two heads. There are 25 others in the group and there is no other animal with any deformity or physical problems….I was told that the best thing we can do is to sacrifice it because it is not known what effects it may have on the other pigs.”

It’s uncertain what will become of the piglet, as they may keep it or sell it. They didn’t comment directly on what some superstitious villagers said. Unfortunately, most animals with this difficulty don’t live very long as their head is too heavy and they may have trouble feeding.

What would you do if this adorable, unique piglet was born to you? Would you keep it?

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[Video and Photo Courtesy YouTube]