Wait Until You See What One Woman Pulled Out Of This Guy’s Ear, Viral Video Resurfaces [Video]

There have been a number of videos documenting grotesque procedures, but this particular video shows a common problem now magnified. Apparently, one guy was suffering from ear pain due to a wax build-up. So, he had to have the wax removed.

According to Fox News, the video begins with a woman holding the man’s right ear and a pair of tweezers. The 45-second clip shows the woman’s repeated attempts to remove the impacted wax. First, she’s shown removing a small piece of thick, yellowish wax from the man’s ear. The camera angle shows just how much wax is inside the man’s ear.

But, of course, she doesn’t remove all of it during the first attempt. She makes a second and third attempt, but the thick wax only breaks into smaller pieces. However, the third try proves to be a charm. When she digs a bit deeper, she removes a humongous block of impacted wax from his ear canal.

Although the video was originally posted to YouTube back in December, last week the video surfaced yet again and has attracted more than 6 million views who have watched in utter disgust. Most viewers have agreed that it is imperative for everyone to make sure their ears are cleaned on a regular basis — or you’ll end up like this guy.

[Image(s) via YouTube Screen Capture]