Family Re-Adopts Dog They Were Told By Pet Sitter Was Dead, Happily Surprised To Find Beloved Pet At Shelter

How would you feel if you were told that your dog was dead? Most pet owners would be horrified. Deidre Cole and her husband, of Tennessee, went out of town on vacation. They left their beloved dog named under the care of Best Friends Critter Sitter.

Upon returning from vacation, they were told the devastating news by the owner of Best Friends Critter Sitter that Fawn had died. The owner stated, “[y]ou know, I’m so sorry, but Fawn died.” The Coles were given the somewhat seemingly comforting news that their dog did not suffer but, instead, passed away peacefully in her sleep, and that she was buried at the boarding facility, according to Life With Dogs.

The Coles mourned their horrible loss, but began looking for another dog. While searching online, Mr. Cole found a dog who looked strikingly similar to Fawn at the Putnam County Shelters. He called the shelter to find out more about this mysterious twin of Fawn. The shelter stated that the dog for adoption had a broken leg but was being nursed back to health. One healed, the dog was to be placed up for adoption, according to Fido4ever.

The Coles arranged to see the dog for adoption. And a happy reunion occurred. It was obvious the dog for adoption was Fawn, as her tail wagged uncontrollably and she kissed her owners’ faces and didn’t want to leave their side. The shelter released Fawn to the Coles.

The Coles still have no answer from the pet boarder regarding what really happened to their beloved dog. Although they don’t plan on suing the business, they would like to know the truth regarding what happened. Dierdre Cole stated the following according to Life With Dogs.

“Tell me the truth and apologize, that’s all I’m asking. I don’t want to sue her. I don’t want money.”

There is a theory that Fawn was injured by another dog in the boarder’s care and the company made up a story to cover their tracks, and to avoid liability. The Coles have decided to microchip Fawn in case she ever goes missing again.

What would you do if a business told you that your pet had died and you subsequently discover your pet is alive? Do you think the business should face any charges? Please leave your comments below.

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