Lisa Lampanelli’s Pounds Are Gone: Comedian Loses 107 Pounds After Weight Loss Surgery

Lisa Lampanelli’s pounds are gone!

The comedian, who underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2012, has lost a total of 107 pounds and is living her life as a new, slim, woman.

Lampanelli, 53, formally weighed 258 pounds, and is very happy with her current size. However, she says she doesn’t like the word “beautiful” in her vocabulary, and tries to avoid comparisons to other people.

“When it comes to confidence, I think the term is ‘compare and despair.’ If you compare yourself to someone who you think is better than you, you’re going to always feel like a loser. If you compare yourself to someone who you perceive is worse than you, you’re going to feel a false sense of one-upmanship,” Lampanelli said, according to Yahoo.

“Stop it. Say, ‘I’m in the place I’m supposed to be.’ That builds confidence,” she added, giving advice to others who are struggling with the comparisons. “That lack of comparison helps you succeed and feel good about yourself on your own terms.”

Lisa, who had weight loss surgery to shed the pounds, says her extreme weight loss has led to her to live her life to the fullest.

“I had gastric sleeve surgery in 2012, and it started this big chain reaction of me changing my whole life over,” she said. “I turned back the clock. I’m reliving my life. I lost about 90 pounds in 9 months, and lost about 107 total. I just felt like I was 19 again and could do things over.”

Not only has Lisa’s appearance changed, but her life has taken a drastic turn. She revealed that she decided to go back to school, and also divorced her husband, NewsOxy reports. She is also shifting the focus of her career from “hardcore standup” comedy to more “humorous comedy with a message of acceptance in it.”

“I went back to school. I went to Yale drama summer school, and I just started doing things differently,” Lisa explained. “I ended up getting a divorce, because the marriage just wasn’t working for either one of us. It resulted in this pretty major transformation spiritually, and emotionally too.”

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[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]