Martian Pyramid Captured By NASA Mars Curiosity Rover In Incredible Image [Video]

A recent raw NASA image captured by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover, which has been combing and studying the surface of Mars, showcases a stunning image of a pyramid on the Martian surface, further fueling long time speculation and belief that Mars was once the home of an advanced civilization.

The incredible image of the pyramid on Mars was captured by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover on May 7, striking a beyond peculiar resemblance to the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and is part of a series of images being broadcast back from Mars by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, reports Exopolitics.

The Mars pyramid is believed to be about the size of a “small car” but several Mars enthusiasts are speculating that it is only the “capstone” of a massive pyramid that once towered over the Martian surface but has since been buried by countless eons of sand.

According to Exopolitics, the precise lines, precision and shape of the pyramid make it highly unlikely that the shape is some fluky anomaly weathered away from some random Martian rock. Further, this Mars pyramid photo is among the very clearest images ever captured on Mars as evidence of an artificial structure which in turn would point to evidence that a civilization capable of building a pyramid once existed on Mars.

The NASA Curiosity Rover captured the image using its “Right Mastcam on Sol 978 (May 7).”

Strangely, photos taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover over the next few minutes after the photo capturing the pyramid was taken did not include the pyramid, prompting more speculation. Did those controlling the NASA Curiosity Rover intentionally avoid taking any more pictures of the apparent pyramid, or taking a closer look via zoomed in photos?

According to Star Pulse, conspiracy theorists are already pointing to the lack of any follow-up photos of the Mars pyramid as evidence that NASA wants to avoid providing proof that life, not to mention advanced civilizations, may have existed on Mars either long ago, or even now.

A YouTube video titled, “Pyramid Found On Mars?” goes into detail comparing the Mars pyramid with the ancient pyramids found on earth, also providing the link to the original raw photo of the Mars pyramid captured by the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover.

The Mars pyramid YouTube video also says that “there is good reason to suspect that the actual size of the Mars pyramid is much larger given the amount of debris and sand around it.”

Given that this pyramid structure on Mars was captured by the NASA Curiosity Rover and showcased in a raw NASA photo, the Mars pyramid is raising many eyebrows, and raises more mysteries about life on Mars.

[Image via NASA]