WWE News: WWE To Name Something At WWE Performance Center After Dusty Rhodes?

Many members of the WWE Universe, as well as the wrestling community in general, are still mourning the loss of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Due to the impact he had on hundreds of people’s lives, Rhodes will carry on forever through the people he met. Right now, the WWE is doing ample work at honoring his legacy.

Kevin Owens wrote a very-touching tribute for the American Dream, even though Owens is playing a monster heel. The current-WWE NXT champion also colored in polka dots on the “K” and “O” on his shirt at a NXT live event in Pittsburgh. His colored-in dots symbolized Dusty Rhodes’ well-known attire in the ring.

WWE NXT held their monthly tapings the other night and decided to honor Rhodes in the first set of tapings since his tragic passing. Triple H and the rest of the WWE NXT crew came out and honored him with a 10-bell salute.

There was not a dry eye in the house that night. For those that believed the WWE was done honoring Dusty Rhodes, they are not done yet. Rhodes was very influential at WWE NXT. In fact, Triple H said in the video that Rhodes called all of them his NXT kids. At the WWE Performance Center, Rhodes helped many superstars tap into their potential.

That said, a new report has surfaced in which a bigger tribute to Rhodes is being discussed. According to WrestlingNews.co and Bryan Alvarez of Figure-Four Weekly, the WWE Performance Center might contain a mention of Dusty Rhodes.

“Some of the ideas that are being discussed was putting something outside the building, to rename the promo class, or to rename the street that the building is on.”

WWE will most likely make an announcement in the next few weeks, but there’s no better way to honor the American Dream than by doing so at the place he helped create. Triple H was at the forefront of it, but Dusty Rhodes was right there along the way.

He is considered one of the greatest talkers in WWE history. There’s no denying Rhodes’ charisma, which he passed down to all of his WWE NXT kids.

He helped coach men like Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. In the short time Kevin Owens was in WWE with Rhodes, it appears that his impact on the NXT champion became limitless. It doesn’t look like the WWE Performance Center will be named after Dusty Rhodes, but assume that something large will be done in his honor.

[Image via dailyfinance.com]