Amy Poehler's No To 'Daily Show' Quickest 'In History'

Oliver VanDervoort

Amy Poehler says her "no" to the Daily Show was the quickest in history. While Comedy Central would have obviously loved to have someone like Amy Poehler taking over for the legendary John Stewart, the actress was able to say no to the Daily Show with confidence that she wouldn't ever regret it.

Mediaite reports that anonymous sources are also claiming the network wasn't really all that surprised that the answer was no to the Daily Show. Instead, it appears Comedy Central simply had to cover its bases. If she had said yes, according to these sources, that would have been the real surprise. It's safe to say that these days, Amy Poehler isn't really interested in showing up to a talk show on a daily basis.

The actress is one of the hottest names in comedy, especially after taking on the role of one of the voices in the new animated movie, Inside Out. Being a member of that particular cast, as well as having just finished her long running role in Parks and Rec, made it easier for Amy Poehler to say no to the Daily Show with a clear conscience and in pretty good speed.

While Amy Poehler might have said no to the Daily Show in record time, another big name in comedy was apparently close to saying yes. Uproxx reports that Chris Rock was another name that Comedy Central went after, shortly after Amy Poehler turned them down. The comedian, who has been keeping a low profile in the last few years was apparently thinking about working out a deal which would have him taking over for John Stewart for one year.

After that year, Rock would also move on and the network would be on the hunt for a more permanent replacement. It's safe to say the network might also have said goodbye to the show for good after that year if its ratings weren't doing as well with Stewart gone. In the long run, it appears that talks with the likes of Amy Poehler and her ilk didn't end up going anywhere and the network eventually settled on Trevor Noah. With Noah there instead of a bigger name, Comedy Central has a more permanent replacement sitting at the desk who can grow into the role and make the show his own. Chris Rock and Amy Poehler would have looked like replacements but it still would have been interesting to see what happened if Amy Poehler or Chris Rock hadn't said no to the Daily Show.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]