‘Storage Wars’ Brawl: Fans React To Brawl Between Dan & Dave, Will ‘Storage Wars’ Be Canceled?

A Storage Wars brawl has some fans completely disgusted with the show, and many have been wondering if A&E will cancel the program. According to TMZ, A&E producers apparently caused a problem between Dan Dotson and Dave Hester, and things got so heated that they had to halt production of the reality show.

Auctioneer Dan Dotson missed a bid on a storage unit, so the producers told Dave Hester in hopes of righting the wrong. When Hester approached Dotson, however, Dan ignored him. The producers told Dave to be persistent, and that’s when things went sour. Dan’s wife, Laura, even got involved, and got knocked to the ground at one point. She then went ballistic on Dave, which you can see in this video previously posted by the Inquisitr.

The Storage Wars brawl ended production “until further notice,” but A&E hasn’t made any kind of announcement about if/when they will resume filming. You see, things ended with Dave being kicked out of the auction, and going to the hospital for a tetanus shot because he got “scratched.” As of this time, it’s unknown when A&E plans to resume filming. Dan Dotson has commented on the incident, however, and in a subsequent tweet, he seems to confirm that the show will indeed go on.

Dave Hester has not publicly commented on the Storage Wars brawl, but fans have tweeted about the news. Check out some of their reactions below.

According to UpRoxx, A&E cameras were rolling throughout the fight, though it is unclear how much of it they will air (if any) in the future. What do you make of the fight between Dan and Dave? Are you a fan of both men?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]