Michael Jackson, The Father: 'Watch Out For Other People'

Michael Jackson does not always get the positive reviews in the press about being a father that he might deserve -- but his children have plenty of fond memories about their father to make up for it. Michael Jackson's children do not make many appearances in the media, but when they do, their message about what kind of father he was is always the same.

On top of that, Michael Jackson may have passed on one of the best pieces of fatherly advice -- and his children continue to honor his ultimate legacy because of it.

Currently, Michael Jackson's children are in the headlines -- mainly due to the fact that they are older now... and they are Michael Jackson's children. Michael Jackson was recently named in the media because there are rumors that Paris might be getting married -- and there is a rumor that Blanket wants to change the name Michael Jackson gave him.

Being a spectacle because you are a child of Michael Jackson is not easy, and Michael Jackson's eldest son is quick to show the world he isn't interested.

For example, on May 19, Prince Jackson posted on Twitter, "Paparazzi and his daughter just followed me to Jack In the Box... Wow #milkshake."

Instead of taking it hard on Father's Day, Michael Jackson's eldest son was quiet on Twitter. As it appears, Prince used his time wisely and spent the month of June learning new knife tricks and posted about his friend @RealOBee A.K.A. Omer Bhatti releasing a new video.

But what did Michael Jackson's children think of him as their father? Michael Jackson's children were largely shielded from the media -- until their father's death. It was at this time that the world heard the voices of Paris and Prince at his memorial.

About Michael Jackson, CNN reported on July 8, 2009 that 11-year-old Paris said, "Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.... And I just want to say that I love him so much."

A couple of years later, in 2011, Paris was interviewed about her father on Ellen. According to Entertainment Weekly, she told Ellen, "When I was really little, I didn't know that [he was such a big deal]... [Now] I know all of his songs by heart – 99 percent of my brain is his music."

About being shielded from the media every time they went into public, Paris looks back at Michael Jackson asking them to wear Mardi Gras masks and says to Ellen, "Yeah, [as a kid] I was like, 'This is stupid, why am I wearing a mask?' But I kind of realized the older I got, like, he only tried to protect us."

In 2012, Oprah interviewed Paris and Prince about memories of their father, Michael Jackson. Prince tells Oprah he remembers waking up and taking walks with Michael Jackson on the beach.

Paris had more to say and talked to Oprah about how she enjoyed Michael Jackson taking aside special one-on-one "quality time" for each of his children. Then Paris recalled a time she was in Las Vegas on a rooftop with Michael Jackson, eating a Snickers candy bar, and enjoying all of the lights.

While Paris described him as strict, Prince said he could get away with anything with Michael Jackson. Paris also told Oprah that she agreed that the media demonized her father, but that Michael Jackson was an excellent dad -- and cook (his specialty was French toast). Paris says, "He was just a normal dad -- except he was just... the best dad."

When Oprah asked the children what they missed most about Michael Jackson, Paris' response was a sorrowful, single word: "everything."

A year later, in 2013, the Mirror U.K. interviewed Paris Jackson about her father Michael Jackson and the movie his family created, Remembering Michael.

During that interview, Paris said one of the saddest things that aches her heart when she thinks of Michael Jackson is that he promised her he would teach her how to moonwalk, "but never got around to it."

However, her other memories about Michael Jackson were positive and she said, "He wanted us to be what we wanted to be, just be greater at it than anybody else had ever been."

But perhaps the most enduring message from their father is one that Prince Jackson pointed out. Prince told the Mirror U.K. in a 2013 interview a piece of fatherly advice from Michael Jackson: "[Michael Jackson] said always watch out for people."

In a 2011 interview with Good Morning America, Katherine (Michael Jackson's mother) makes several statements that can lead fans to believe that his advice to "watch out for other people" has been Michael Jackson's everlasting gift to his children.

When the interview was filmed, Michael Jackson's children were volunteering with an agency that serves the homeless. Katherine then goes on to state the following about Michael Jackson.

"[Michael Jackson] had a very good heart. People always misunderstood him.... through all of that, he still kept his composure, he was not angry inside, but he still tried to help."
Good Morning America concludes the interview by saying that Michael Jackson's kids "have big dreams and big plans to give back." Katherine Jackson stated about Michael Jackson's children wanting to give back to the world, "They make me feel good because its following what Michael wanted."

A long-time supporter of an exhausting list of charities (so long that it landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records), Michael Jackson's children continue to honor their father by helping to "Heal the World."

Due to his humanitarian legacy, by donating and volunteering, Michael Jackson's children seem to continue to give their beloved father the kind of priceless Father's Day gift he would have preferred.

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