Dylann Roof Update: Shooter Tried To Kill Himself Inside Church, Ran Out Of Bullets


Additional information continues to surface regarding Dylann Roof, the man accused of killing nine people inside a South Carolina church. A loved one of a witness to the shootings says that Roof intended to kill himself after the shootings, but ran out of bullets.

Los Angeles Times reports that Kevin Singleton, 59, a magazine publisher, stated that Roof turned the gun on himself after shooting churchgoers at Charleston’s Emmanuel AME Church on Wednesday. However, after he aimed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger, he realized the chamber was empty.

“He pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger, but it went ‘click.’ His plan was never to leave that church.”

Singleton, who lost his mother, Myra Thompson, 59, during the shootings, indicates that Polly Sheppard, 69, one of the two adult survivors in the church, told him what happened. Sheppard isn’t giving comments to the media, but she let Singleton, along with his family members, in on the sordid details of the fateful day.

Roof’s primary intent, according to Singleton, was to shoot the church’s minister, Rev. Daniel Simmons, 74. Yet, when the minister grabbed ahold of him, Roof opened fired on other church members.

Prior to turning the gun on himself, Roof told Sheppard that he was sparing her so that she could tell everyone what happened. After Roof realized he was out of bullets, he ran from the church, but was caught the following day in North Carolina.

Singleton describes his mother as a peaceful school guidance counselor who believed in God and church. She spent her spare time writing motivational books before she was killed.

“She always wanted to teach the word of God. She was a very strong mom, no B.S.”

Roof attended his first bond hearing last week on a felony weapons charge. Although he appeared in a South Carolina courtroom via video for his own protection, family members of the victims were allowed to express their pain over the incident.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC - JUNE 19: In this image from the video uplink from the detention center to the courtroom, Dylann Roof appears at Centralized Bond Hearing Court June 19, 2015 in North Charleston, South Carolina. Roof is charged with nine counts of murder and firearms charges in the shooting deaths at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17. (Photo by Grace Beahm-Pool/Getty Images)

Several people told Roof that they had already forgiven him, even though the pain of losing their loved ones will always be there. Roof appeared emotionless, most looking toward the ground as the victims’ family members spoke to him.

Meanwhile, members of the Charleston community showed that love prevails and that the senseless killings would not allow them to stop worshipping. Emmanuel AME opened its doors for Sunday services today, where churchgoers filed in, still hurting from the emotional wounds caused last week.

CHARLESTON, SC - JUNE 21: Parishioners cry and embrace as they attend the first church service four days after a mass shooting that claimed the lives of nine people at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Church June 21, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. Chruch elders decided to hold the regularly scheduled Sunday school and worship service as they continue to grieve the shooting death of nine of its members including its pastor earlier this week. (Photo by David Goldman-Pool/Getty Images)

Dylan Roof is being held in a South Carolina jail, with his felony weapons charge bond set at $1 million. He has a bond hearing for nine felony counts of murder next week, when a judge will decide what amount, if any, his bond amount will be set at.