‘GTA V’ ENBSeries Mod Makes Los Santos Look Better Than Ever

GTA V mods are becoming more and more the norm on PC. Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported on a new AC-130 mod brought to the game, allowing players to harass Los Santos from the skies like never before. This mod, the new ENBSeries, will allow players to do so with the GTA V city looking better than ever.

ENBSeries isn’t a new mod on the scene, as its creator has brought the mod to previous versions of GTA and many other games before. However, this is the first time we’ve seen it implemented on GTA V. And it’s safe to say it turns an already gorgeous game into one that truly showcases the graphical prowess of the PC platform.

Currently in version 0.275, the ENBSeries mod for GTA V turns the game’s look completely on its head. However, the mod’s creator, Boris Vorontsov, mentions that the GTA V ENB mod needs to have some tweaks done to it, either by the user or by downloading some of the community’s ENB presets. Experienced ENB users will be able to tweak the look of GTA V to their heart’s content, creating a unique and personal look into what was already a very pretty game.

It’s worth noting that this mod does not require the use of Script Hook V like other GTA V mods. Rather, ENBSeries mods have always worked on their own rather than relying on other programs to do their heavy lifting. This type of graphics mod is only possible on the PC, and as such, can completely change the experience for some users. GTA V was already offered pretty realistic-looking graphics, but with the injection of ENB, GTA V can look even better.


It’s unclear, however, whether the use of ENB in GTA V would result in a ban on the multiplayer side of the game. Originally, the ENBSeries mod creator stated that Rockstar did everything to make sure GTA V was hard to mod, so it’s nice to see the mod finally make it to the game.

For those looking to take advantage of the ENBSeries mod for GTA V, you can download the file on the website. Make sure to back up all your existing files and always mod at your own risk. However, hopefully if done correctly, you’ll be able to enjoy GTA V in a whole new way.

[Images via ENBSeries]