Sofia Vergara Threatened To Leave Joe Manganiello Over ‘Magic Mike XXL’

Sofia Vergara threatened to leave Joe Manganiello over Magic Mike XXL. However, the Modern Family star wasn’t upset about the idea of her man stripping down in front of millions of women — she was worried about Joe seriously injuring himself while trying to stay in shape for the sexy movie.

According to People, Joe Manganiello recently revealed that he injured his bicep while filming a Magic Mike XXL scene that involved “a sex swing with monkey bars on top.” Instead of deciding to call it a day, Joe pushed through and continued to work on the scene for four and half more hours. His co-stars probably admired his incredible work ethic, but Sofia Vergara wasn’t happy with her future husband.

“Sofia [Vergara] was there that day. We got back to my trailer and, as soon as the door closed, she said, ‘If I see you at the gym tomorrow, we’re done!’… ‘I’m going to leave you! That’s it!’ “

However, during an interview with Extra, Joe Manganiello revealed that a very concerned Sofia Vergara helped him recover from his injury. The torn bicep required immediate surgery, so Sofia definitely didn’t have to worry about her fiancé heading back to the weight room anytime soon.

“Been a long, slow process, but I’ve got a great woman at home helping take care of me,” Joe told Mario Lopez.

Sofia’s man might stress her out by sacrificing his body for the enjoyment of women around the world, but there is one big perk of being engaged to the Magic Mike XXL star. According to Entertainment Weekly, Joe revealed that he put his Magic Mike moves to the ultimate test by performing them in front of Sofia Vergara. However, it turns out that the Modern Family actress doesn’t like to get all hot and bothered while she’s working out.

“She came to Savannah to visit [the set] and we would go to this gym and she’d be on that leg machine that works your inner thighs that kinda locks your legs in. And I knew like she’s locked into this thing and she can’t go anywhere. I got her here trapped. So I’d come up and just like [Starts dancing]. She’s like, ‘Get out of here!’ and yelled for someone from the gym to come get me and drag me away.”

In other words, Sofia Vergara is totally nuts. However, she’s a great movie promoter. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the actress tried to help give her future hubby’s new movie a box office boost by saying that Magic Mike XXL will also appeal to men. Women can only hope that Sofia successfully convinces their significant others that it’s the perfect date night movie.

[Image credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty]