Man Calls 911, Kills Cop: Ohio Man Kills Cop After Calling 911 On Himself, Fooling Dispatcher

A man calls 911 and then kills a responding officer in a tragic story out of Ohio. According to CNN, Trepierre Hummons, 21, had plans to “commit suicide by cop.” Hummons called 911 and told the dispatcher that he saw a man wielding a gun. Acting like a concerned citizen, Hummons gave the 911 dispatcher a description of himself. When police arrived at the address Hummons gave, he was waiting with a gun.

“He’s walking around getting belligerent with a gun. Very early 20s… about like 5 (foot) 6… he’s a little thick fellow,” Hummons told the dispatcher.

Officer Sonny Kim, 48, was the first to respond to Hummons’ 911 call. He was shot and severely wounded. A husband and father of three, Kim died at the hospital shortly after.

Just minutes after the man calls 911, he kills a cop, and his intentions become quite clear. Two more officers arrived on the scene, and both were injured when Hummons opened fire on them, but they are both expected to be okay.

“Hummons wounded Kim multiple times in spite of the protective vest he wore, the police chief said. And when a probation officer arrived moments later, Hummons shot at him, too,” reports CNN.

One officer returned fire and was able to wound Hummons. He later died, which was his plan all along.

Sources tell police that Hummons sent various text messages to his friends, explaining his intentions. Unfortunately, none of these text message recipients warned police of Hummons’ plan.

“That didn’t happen in this case, unfortunately, and we lost one of our best police officers,” said Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell. “We lost a brother, but right now my heart is broken more for his three boys who lost their father, and his wife who lost her husband. We are devastated that Officer Kim, who came to work today, did not get to go home.”

According to the Canada Journal, Hummons had previously been arrested on various charges from burglary to illegally carrying a concealed weapon. Police also said that Hummons was a member of a local gang. The day of this shooting, Hummons was reported to police on a “sex offense,” though details of what he allegedly did are unknown.

When a man calls 911 and kills a cop as part of his plan to die, it’s hard not to think of how many times this could happen and what else people will think of doing.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley issued a statement after the incident.

“Today is a tragic day for all [Cincinnati residents]. One of our first responders was shot and killed in the line of duty. We will always remember the sacrifice made by Officer Sonny Kim, and we will pray for his wife and family that they find some comfort during their grief.”

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