True Detective Season 2: Does Colin Farrell Need A Comeback?

Colin Farrell doesn’t need a comeback, and he’s taken on a starring role in True Detective Season 2 because “no other mainstream Hollywood actor welcomes a challenge more than Colin Farrell.” True Detective provided a renaissance for Matthew McConaughey in Season 1, but according to The Daily Beast, Farrell is one of the “most versatile and compelling leading men” today, and he doesn’t need a re-birth. The @realDMS on Twitter says she can’t put into words how excited she is for the “great” Colin Farrell, while @GazzaONuallain calls Farrell his “great white hope.”

Farrell and the big name cast of True Detective‘s second season (Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch) plan to make a big splash with the show. It’s true that some fans are worried that no one, not even Farrell and Vaughn, can live up to the Harrelson and McConaughey, the detectives from Season 1. That’s the challenge of an anthology style show: every season is a re-set, and audiences like familiar faces when they tune in to a favorite show.

Twitter user Nik Patel admires Farrell, but doesn’t think he’s dark enough for True Detective.

But Farrell’s character is ready for criticism. The man with the mustache, deputy turned detective in the “most corrupt city in LA County” says, “I welcome judgement.” The Daily Beast says that there’s every reason for Farrell himself to welcome judgement too. He’s played some powerful roles in movies from Minority Report, The New World, and Miami Vice, to sup-par shows like the “forgettable” American Outlaws, and 2003’s Daredevil, “a film blind to its own awfulness.” He’s happy to take on projects just because he’s interested in them.

According to Us Magazine, Farrell is the “impressive” best out of a set of “A-game” performances by McAdams, Kitsch, and Vaughn. He brilliantly portrays his character’s inner turmoil, as Ray Velcoro copes with memories of his ex-wife’s rape, and his present day dilemma of being in the pocket of crime lord Frank Semyon (Vaughn).

The jury is still out on whether Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are the right choice for the detective team in True Detective Season 2 (premiere is tonight at 9 p.m ET on HBO). One thing is certain. Whether the new season is a hit or a true failure, Farrell has “been here for years” and isn’t going away.

[Image via Lacey Terrell/HBO/The Daily Beast]