Tabby Cat Survives Three-Week, 2,200 Mile Trip In A Cargo Container

A lucky tabby cat managed to survive a three-week, 2,200 mile trip, holed up in a cargo container on a ferry sailing from Cyprus to the U.K. While she had no water or food, she managed to stay alive by licking condensation from the inner container walls.

Nicknamed Miss Pickford, after the moving company who owned the container, the feline stowaway survived a 2,200 mile journey taking three weeks.

It seems the tabby cat snuck onto the shipping container in May and got shut in when the container was loaded on to the ship. There was no way out for the intrepid feline, so she had to make do with surviving merely on the condensation inside the container walls.

According to the Coventry Telegraph, the tabby cat traveled across the Mediterranean Sea on the ferry as the container then embarked on a long road trip through Central Europe.

She was eventually found when the truck unloaded the container at the Pickfords warehouse in Warwick, U.K. Concerned staff working for the removal and storage company then heard plaintive meows coming from inside the vehicle and when opening one of the container boxes, found the tabby cat curled up in a bed she had made for herself in the container.

The company moved the cat to Bayton Lodge Quarantine Kennels and Cattery in Bedworth, where they paid for her stay. Joint owner of the cattery, Lorraine Grove, said that when the tabby cat arrived, she was in a very bad condition.

“She was extremely thin, very dehydrated and her fur was dry like straw.”

According to the Mirror Online, vets say the tabby cat is around four years old and is definitely a hardy cat, as apparently Miss Pickford managed to recover well during her quarantine period and was given a rabies vaccination, flea and worm removal treatment, and a microchip to keep track of the intrepid feline in the future.

The tough little tabby cat is now doing well and is currently housed at Cats Protection’s Birmingham Adoption Center until a loving home can be found for her.

While staff at the adoption center say the tabby cat is still a little unsure of herself, they are confident that she will one day make a great pet for someone, with Sarah Whitmore, the deputy manager saying, “Miss Pickford is a very special cat to have survived such a gruelling ordeal.”

“She’s fairly shy and retiring, so we’re hoping to find her a quiet home with an experienced owner who can coax her out of her shell.”

Safe to say that Miss Pickford the tabby cat has at least eight of her nine lives left to enjoy and will hopefully soon land on all four paws in a loving home.

In other recent news on the Inquisitr, yet another intrepid tabby cat has won a “Hero Dog” award after saving an autistic boy from an attack by a ferocious canine. Don’t underestimate a tabby, it seems!

[Image: CC by 2.0 Derek Bridges]