Toy Grenade Leads To Evacuation Of World Financial Center Building In NYC

A toy grenade sent to a World Financial Center building in New York City led to the evacuation of the building on Thursday after the toy arrived in a suspicious looking package.

The package was discovered by a private security guarde during a routine X-ray screening at 2 World Financial Center, a 44-story building that houses 2.7 million square feet of office space and reside right across the screen from the World Trade Center.

The “grenade” turned out to be nothing more than one of those stupid mounted plaques that reads “Complaint Dept. Pull Pin.”

Law enforcement tracked down the person who bought the grenade, it ended up being a maintenance worker who purchased the item for himself and had it shipped to work to ensure he received it.

In the meantime workers at the building were forced to way 90 minutes before police would open up the building and allow them to resume their work.


Threats in New York City are taken extremely seriously after the 9/11 attacks, especially in large financial centers like the World Financial building which hosts office space for the likes of Merrill Lynch, Deloitte and OppenheimerFunds Inc.

The entire complex where the toy grenade was houses is made up of four glass and copper-crowned towers that emcompasses eight million square feet of office space.

While the toy grenade was an unfortunate event at least employees in the building know that in the event of a real emergency workers in the building are able to work swiftly and evacuate everyone in a safe manner.