Transgender Child To Live As Girl At 9-Years-Old

A nine-year-old transgender child is being called “brave” by his mother, who openly supports her son’s choice to live as a girl. The Daily Mail reports that Sam Hughes has wanted to be a girl since he was around two-years-old, and now he intends on starting the next school year under his preferred identity — a little girl named Ellie-Jo.

The Rhyl, North Wales, child has a very supportive mother. Sam Hughes says that her son is brave, because he’s willing to live as a girl at his young age when it’s considered so abnormal, for even adults.

“What child at the age of nine chooses to go outside dressed as a girl? As an adult that would not be normal. I wouldn’t do that — that’s bravery. He’s my son and I will back him all the way whatever he wants to do.”

Sam says that her son started showing his feminine side when he was just a tot, and that he “turned his back” on playing sports with boy friends. The mother says that her son preferred playing with his older sister. Instead of growing out of his feminine phase, Ellie-Jo has flourished into her identity. Sam Hughes has even provided her child with a pink cake and a princess-themed birthday party.

Nine-year-old Joseph wants to return to school in September as Ellie-Jo, complete with a blonde wig, dress, and painted nails — all parts of her identity that the child has experimented with indoors for years. The child’s mother has expressed that he has been getting some practice with taking his new identity public.

“He’s started going out in a dress when he is with me so that’ll prepare him for when he has to go out on his own and do it. He wants to back to school as a girl in September.”

Sam Hughes recognizes that this is a controversial topic, and she swears that this is all her son’s choice that he has made completely on his own. And even though Sam is unconditionally supportive of her young son’s decision, experts have recommended waiting for the child to develop more before making this a permanent decision. Sam also pointed out that she supports her son regardless of his choices.

“If he turns around in five years’ time and says I want to be a boy or I want to make the change permanent then I will never stand in his way.”

Do you support this child’s decision to live his life as a girl at 9-years-old?

[Photo: Ellie-Jo via Mercury Press]