WWE News: Brad Maddox Not Emulating CM Punk After All?

Last night, there were rampant rumors that rarely-seen WWE superstar Brad Maddox appeared at a WWE live event in Las Vegas dressed as CM Punk. The Inquisitr reported earlier that Maddox might be working with a “CM Punk gimmick” and speculated as to how successful it would ultimately be.

However, according to LordsofPain, several notes from attendees at last nights show claim that Maddox did not appear last night to purposely emulate the long-departed, longest-reigning WWE champion of the modern era. It was reportedly a cosmetic similarity and perhaps a slight attempt to incite the crowd that prompted fans to think Maddox was copying Punk.

Scott Fisher and an additional reader sent in reports of Maddox’s appearance, dispelling rumors that Maddox and/or WWE were attempting to copy CM Punk.

“I believe what got people started on the CM Punk, Brad Maddox thing was when he first came out to cut a promo some people thought he was CM Punk just by how he looked, I think a big group of teenagers tried to get the Punk chant going but it was short lived if that. Maddox did cut a ‘pipebomb’ promo but it fell flat and everyone just wanted him out of the ring.

Maddox did not come out with CM Punk’s theme song, that was a rumor started on Twitter because people in my section near the stage thought it was Punk when he first came out for the pre-match speech about people forgetting who he was. Maddox seemed like he tweaked his in ring style some with more kicks and MMA style but he stalled some too, Swagger carried the match easily. No CM Punk theme song but the look had some people fooled, not all of us.”

There you have it, much like a slew of other rumors in the professional wrestling industry, the entire Maddox/Punk occurrence was more of a misunderstanding rather than an intentional attempt to emulate somebody.

The photo posted to Twitter of Maddox had him sporting slicked back hair with a black hoodie, a look that Punk had for three years in the WWE. Add in some alcoholic beverages and a few fans’ blurred vision might have actually convinced them that Punk was there.

As touched upon during the Inquisitr‘s earlier report, giving this type of gimmick to an entity that is barely seen would not add up. If Damien Sandow continued his shtick of copying various superstars, it would have made sense, but not with Maddox. While he and Punk do have on-screen history, he’d likely be one of the last few names guessed to play a role like that.

[Image via WWE]