Calvin Harris Shares An Adorable Video Of Taylor Swift’s Cat And Makes Tumblr Fans Melt

Calvin Harris is reportedly cat-sitting as Taylor Swift embarks on her 1989 World Tour. The DJ shared an adorable video of the singer’s beloved new cat, Meredith. It looks like things are getting serious for Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. She obviously trusts him with her cats, and he obviously adores her feline friends.

Even Swift’s cats have warmed up to DJ Calvin Harris. The music producer made a slow-motion video of Meredith Grey, one of the singer’s famous cats. Harris shared the adorable video on his Instagram account on Friday, June 19.

In the clip, Meredith is thirsty, so she quenches her thirst by licking the tap water. But the way that she approaches the water carefully is enough to make Taylor Swift’s fans melt. Calvin films Meredith as she carefully lunges at the water without getting her precious gray coat wet.

Of course, Taylor Swift’s fans went crazy on Tumblr once they saw the video. They took to the popular blogging site to share their feelings over Swift’s cat and, of course, her relationship with Calvin Harris. Some even went as far as to label Swift as the “mother” and Harris as the “father” of their “children,” otherwise known as Swift’s cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson.


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are not getting married or having children anytime soon, much to the dismay of their fans. But that hasn’t stopped the “Bad Blood” singer from opening up about her relationship. According to an E! Online report, radio personality and Taylor Swift fan Alex took to her Tumblr blog to share her experience about meeting Calvin Harris.

The radio DJ told Swift, “We love Calvin. We approve. We’re so happy for you.”

Swift responded, “He IS great, isn’t he?”

Although Taylor and Calvin have been keeping mum on their relationship, it seems like they’re quite happy about each other. That didn’t stop fans from gushing on Tumblr that Taylor seems a lot happier now that she’s dating DJ Calvin Harris.

That hasn’t stopped rumors from swirling about Calvin Harris and Taylor’s relationship. A new report via Celeb Dirty Laundry claims that Taylor is already making wedding plans and has meetings with lawyers to discuss their alleged prenuptial agreement. Apparently, Calvin meets all of Taylor’s “criteria,” and she plans to marry him as soon as possible. Another report in the new issue of In Touch Weekly says that Taylor’s future husband has to love cats.

“Animal lover Calvin is willing to cuddle with Taylor’s kitties Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson – even though he is allergic.”

According to the report, Swift also loves tall men who have a good sense of humor. But there is something about Harris that Swift doesn’t like. The June 29 edition of Life & Style Magazine claims that Swift is trying to get Harris to stop smoking.

“Taylor is very anti-smoking. She has explained to Calvin that it is not a deal-breaker, but she is worried about his health. She has confessed that sometimes his smoker’s breath turns her off. That’s why she insists that he brushes his teeth and uses mouthwash after he has been puffing. She doesn’t want him to ruin their make-out sessions.”

It looks like the reports and rumors will continue to follow Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift as they continue their relationship. It looks like this is one of the longer relationships for Swift since it’s moved beyond the three-month mark. Most of Swift’s relationships have lasted as long as three months. What are your thoughts on Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift? Do they make you swoon? Can you see them lasting for the long run?

[Image: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]