‘Sharktacular’: Discovery Channel Thrills Fans With A Sneak Peak Of Shark Week July 2015

Sharktacular teases that Shark Week is almost here, and Discovery Channel wants to make sure its viewers are ready for that spectacular week by giving just a snippet of what it will be like. Shark Week doesn’t officially begin until Sunday, July 5, but tonight, the premiere of Shark Week Sharktacular 2015 will kick off with a sneak peak. Hosted by talented filmmaker Eli Roth, Sharktacular will air the most riveting home video footage from fans who have had terrifying experiences with deadly sharks. This new addition to the program marks the first time that Shark Week has included viral videos that have been submitted by fans. The Discovery Channel continues to be committed to bringing viewers the most entertaining summer line up.


Eli Roth will also countdown the top five shark weeks from the last 27 years, according to Discovery. And they have a lot of great shark moments to choose from. No one knows exactly which moments the producers will pick, but in past Shark Week shows, a few television hosts have gotten “up close and personal” with the ferocious sea creatures — with one host swimming right along with a shark in the ocean without a cage.

Shark Week Sharktacular will also allow shark experts to weigh in with their commentary on what viewers are seeing. The experts include: Dr. Tristan Guttridge, a marine biologist, Julie Andersen, a shark conservationist and founder of “Shark Angels”, and Dr. Michael Oomeier, a shark researcher.

There is something about sharks that people find exciting. The ocean is one big vast open space that is filled with lots of scary creatures down deep. The world’s fascination with sharks goes all the way back to the 1970s hit movie, Jaws! Who doesn’t remember those close-up shots of a giant shark chasing humans in the ocean and brandishing those razor-sharp teeth as they chomp down on a leg or an arm.

Since that time, many experts have tried to humanize the shark so that people feel more compassion for them, instead of fear. Experts say sharks pose no real threat to humans.

Even though most Discovery Channel watchers are waiting with great anticipation for Sharktacular tonight and the upcoming Shark Week, some viewers have grown dissatisfied with the last few seasons, stating that Discovery needs to get back to the old way of presenting Shark Week. One viewer states as follows.

“Discovery……please stop ruining shark week. The last 2 years have been awful with your fake documentaries and your sensationalized and less than factual stories. Now you moved it to July instead of August where it belongs. I can deal with that change as long as you get back to what made shark week great in the first place. Actual sharks.”

Shark Week seeks to educate the public about sharks and is guaranteed to satisfy your urge for thrill — so get ready to clench your fists and teeth as Discovery takes you on the most thrilling shark ride of your life.

[Photo Credit: YouTube, Facebook]