Sony MW2 SmartWatch Makes It To United States, Features Android

Fans of the smart watch market will be happy to learn that Sony on Thursday made its MW2 SmartWatch available for pre-order via the company’s US online store. If you are unfamiliar with the Sony MW2 SmartWatch it is a wearable Google Android based smartphone accessory that features a 1.3-inch OLED touchscreen with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity so you can take calls in privacy.

The watch is fairly small with just a 0.3-inch thick screen that allows users to control Android 2.1 or higher smartphones from the users wrist.

When sync’d with your Android device you can check out updates from social networks, read your email and view text messages all of which appear via simple shortcuts from the watches interface. Users are also able to check incoming calls and control music playback that is coming out of their Android powered handset.

Sony is also offering alternative apps from the Google Play marketplace and they promise 14 days of standby time and four hours of everyday use when the watch is constantly being accessed.

While the display only puts out at a resolution of 128×128 that is honestly all you need for a 1.3-inch OLED touchscreen.

For $150 you will receive a clip and a black wristband while option extras include the ability to choose the color of watch you want to purchase.

Oh yeah, the watch also tells the time, so that’s a nice feature I shouldn’t leave out.

Smart watches have always been a niche market however with Google Glasses all the rage at the moment we may soon begin to witness a shift towards “wearable tech” as users integrate smartphone and other mobile technologies more deeply into their everyday lives.