June 21, 2015
Boston Celtics Trade Rumors: Draft Pick Exchange The Goal For Celtics, Lakers

Boston Celtics trade rumors have the team trying to deal a first-round draft pick. A Celtics trade could soon take place that sees the team dealing the No. 28 overall selection. The team has two first-round selections (the other one is No. 16), but may not want the guaranteed salary commitment that would come with signing two top picks. A report from NBC Sports on Saturday (June 20), confirms that the Celtics are looking to deal the pick in order to save some cap space.

Included in these trade rumors is that the Los Angeles Lakers also want to deal a first-round pick. The Lakers have two first-round picks as well, holding the No. 2 and No. 27 selections. The Lakers want that same cap space, which is why the team is trying to deal the No. 27 draft pick. It's suddenly a buyer's market as the 2015 NBA Draft approaches, as multiple teams are trying to trade out of the end of the first round. That could be exactly what a team like the New York Knicks needs to take advantage of to really start a rebuild.

Heading into the 2015-16 NBA season, the Boston Celtics have about $40.4 million in guaranteed contracts. Gerald Wallace is the highest-paid player on the Celtics roster, standing to make just over $10.1 million. Other top earners are Avery Bradley, at about $7.7 million, and Isiah Thomas, at about $6.9 million. With a lot of youth locked up in favorable deals, the Celtics have room to bring on an impact player during the offseason. That is why every dollar will matter when it comes to the 2015 NBA Draft.

As previously reported on the Inqusitr, there is a long list of teams either looking to move up in the draft or trade out of the first round. This could lead to a higher numbers of trades than in recent years, including some action taking place during the draft itself. Many teams are also looking to make a splash by clearing cap space to go after some of the key NBA free agents. With the Celtics and Lakers trying to get back to the playoffs, the front offices of each franchise might be looking at making several moves in the next two weeks.

There are going to be a lot of additional Boston Celtics trade rumors as the 2015 NBA Draft gets closer (it's on June 25), so fans won't get bored with the normal offseason routine. It's not time to go into hibernation or turn to Major League Baseball, because the NBA is going to provide a lot of excitement in June and July.

[Image Source: Jim Rogash / Getty Images]