Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Rumors: Cavs Trying To Trade Draft Pick Brendan Haywood

Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors have the team working hard to make a deal. The latest Cavaliers rumors have the team shopping Brendan Haywood and offering to trade a pick in the 2015 NBA Draft with him. The Cavaliers have to improve the roster to keep LeBron James happy and to further entice Kevin Love to stay in Cleveland. As reported by late Friday (June 19), Haywood has a non-guaranteed contract for the 2015-16 NBA season, meaning a team that trades for him could release Haywood and not have to pay him.

What the Haywood contract means, is that a team could look to part with a player under contract in order to get further under the salary cap. It could also be a valuable asset for another team to spin off in a secondary trade. In order to make it even more enticing, the Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors suggest the team is willing to include the No. 24 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. That could be a nice asset for a team trying to rebuild, making a trade with the Cavs pretty enticing.

The Cavaliers currently owe Brendan Haywood $10.5 million for the next NBA season, but it is very unlikely that the franchise would keep him on the payroll. If the team was unable to deal him before the deadline for non-guaranteed contracts, the Cavs would most likely simply release him to get out of the deal. No matter how a possible transaction is viewed, Haywood is likely going to be a free agent during the NBA offseason.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, the Golden State Warriors might actually be an ironic trading partner as the team is trying to deal David Lee to get his salary off the books. A deal of Lee for Haywood would actually work for the Warriors and Cavaliers, with the Cavs getting a really good role player for almost nothing, and Golden State getting further out of the luxury tax penalty. If the trade went as advertised, Haywood would get released almost immediately, and Lee would slot as a backup power forward for the Cavs.

It is very clear that there could be a lot of trades before and after the 2015 NBA Draft takes place. Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors predict that something is coming soon, especially as the team tries to figure out who will be playing by the lake next season. While nothing appears imminent, the front office is definitely getting closer to pulling the trigger on a deal.

[Image Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]