Man Pleasuring Himself Outside Supermarket Took ‘Kum & Go’ Too Literally

Police in Arkansas are looking for a man who was captured in a photo while pleasuring himself in public outside a Kum & Go supermarket and gas station.

According to the photo taken by the witness, it seems the man had taken the supermarket name a little too literally when he was caught on June 11 with no pants, masturbating outside the Kum & Go at 1010 North Thompson Road in Springdale, Arkansas.

Now police have released the photo to the public on Facebook in the hope that someone will recognize the man and identify the suspect.

“Callers stated that the male did not have any pants on and appeared to be masturbating.

“When the suspect realized he was being watched… quickly left the area.”

According to the Mirror, the man was last seen outside the Kum & Go supermarket, pleasuring himself next to a Ford Ranger pickup truck, which apparently belongs to him. Once the man realized he had been spotted, he took off in the pickup truck.

While the Mirror quotes the Kum & Go as being in Arizona, it can be seen from the Springdale Police Department Facebook page that it is, in fact, in Springdale, Arkansas.

In their Facebook post, the Springdale Police Department have asked anyone who knows the identify of the suspect caught on camera masturbating outside the Kum & Go supermarket to contact the Springdale Criminal Investigation Division at 479-750-8139.

As reported recently on the Inquisitr, the Kum & Go guy should probably beware. The article quoted a Muslim Televangelist as saying that masturbation will lead to pregnant hands in the afterlife, which sounds uncomfortable indeed.

Then there was the guy stuck in the porta-potty who had a “crappy” day. People got upset at a homeless guy who was caught flashing the public, and when he entered the porta-potty, they kicked it over, trapping him inside. You’ll never guess what he was doing in there when he was rescued.

What with the latest story of the man caught on camera pleasuring himself outside Kum & Go, that well-worn and old cliche “get a room” definitely comes to mind.

It seems this isn’t the first piece of ironic news from the state of Arkansas, however, as the Inquisitr also reports on the fugitive shooting suspect who was finally arrested, wearing a prophetic T-shirt. Emblazoned on the front were the words, “You can run, by you can’t hide.”

[Image: Springdale Police Department on Facebook]