Niall Horan: The Truths Behind His Oslo Sickness

Niall Horan fans are sending messages on Twitter, asking him to “get well soon.” Is there some sort of mystery behind this cough that Niall Horan has — or is this just a summer virus? Worse, could Niall Horan have picked up some nasty illness (such as the kissing disease) while visiting Ariana Grande in Barcelona, Spain, on June 15?

Around June 16, immediately after the concert in Denmark, Niall Horan started posting to Twitter that he had a chest infection — and that cough was still active on June 19.

Despite his coughs on stage, Niall Horan fans were quick to show their support. UnReality TV states the following about how fans in Oslo, Norway, reacted to Niall Horan’s illness on June 19.

“One Direction played the latest gig on their On the Road Again Tour in Oslo, and as ever, the lads delighted the capacity crowd … But Niall Horan particularly excelled apparently, and that being the case, this morning, One Direction fans are trending the hash tag #NiallWeLoveYourVoice on Twitter.”

It appears that Niall Horan may be experiencing a temperature-related health trigger — and it probably started in Denmark.

According to UnReality TV, what happened to Niall Horan is that he was performing in Denmark around nightfall. During the day, the temperatures were moderate (possibly around 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

However, once nighttime came around, the temperatures dropped so drastically that poor Niall Horan’s body simply did not make the adjustment — and he fell ill.

How can Niall Horan suffer from a weather-related illness? Due to his complaints about the unexpected drop in temperatures in Denmark, it is possible that Niall Horan’s theory is right and he experienced a weather-related lung illness, as opposed to having a virus.

Niall Horan could also be experiencing a heat-related illness he picked up in Barcelona — and mistook the cold weather in Denmark as the source. The Mirror U.K. explains what possibly happened to Niall Horan due to the hot summer weather in Barcelona as follows.

“It’s still possible to catch colds, flu and even pneumonia in summer. We breathe harder in hot weather because it takes more energy – and oxygen – to keep our bodies cool [and can] exacerbate symptoms such as coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.”

Another explanation comes from the National U.A.E. that supports Niall Horan’s theory that you can get lung infections from the drastic changes in temperatures. They state the following about this type of lung condition that Niall Horan might be experiencing.

“Extreme and sudden variance between outside and inside temperatures has adverse effects on the body as it undergoes a certain amount of stress when it is forced to go from a boiling hot environment into an air-conditioned one.”

Does this mean that Niall Horan will have to miss his show with One Direction on June 23 in Gothenburg, Sweden? Niall Horan’s last performance was in Oslo, Norway, on June 19 — and this means he has a few days to rest up, get strong, and finish the Scandinavian leg of the On the Road Again tour.

So far, Niall Horan’s Twitter account has been relatively quiet — and that could be good sign that he is taking a health rest.

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