One Direction Has Swedish Secrets: Is Icona Pop The Reason?

One Direction is completing their On the Road Again tour in Scandinavia, but it appears that the visit was enshrined in secrecy from the beginning. Is Icona Pop the reason for this behavior from One Direction, or is there a deep, dark scandal going on?

Although One Direction is gearing up to start playing their North American tour on July 9 with Icona Pop, they are hanging out in Sweden for the whole Scandinavian trip and avoiding fans.

The English-speaking media is giving their usual low-down about the One Direction shows in Scandinavia — but are they leaving out any juicy bits?

While there are reports in Scandinavia about One Direction that mimic the English-speaking media, some reports differ drastically (to the benefit of fans).

For example, one of the best things about the local media in places where One Direction performs is that they will often given fans insider information about the band from first-hand experiences.

This is especially true about One Direction performing in Oslo, Norway, on June 19, where there has been scandal in the past.

Gothenburg Post reported on June 20 about One Direction, “According to unconfirmed rumors One Direction [traveled] to Sweden and [were in a] hotel in Gothenburg early as Friday night… This means that the band gets several days off to dawdle in Gothenburg.”

Expressen Sweden also has more details to report about One Direction in their article about the Oslo show. The headline states that there is “[s]ecrecy surrounding One Direction.”

Kjendis states that last year’s visit by One Direction was so chaotic that they had to take extra security measures and state the following.

“[One Direction] created Bieber-like conditions when they arrived in [Stockholm]. There was chaos outside Holmenkollen Park Hotel where they lived, and an overzealous fan broke barricades outside the hotel and threw himself around the neck of bandmate Harry Styles to get a hug. It was also chaotic conditions in Oslo city center.”

To get the situation under control, Expressen Sweden says that One Direction was moved and states the following.

“In 2013, Stockholm Gigs reportedly rented an entire hotel (for One Direction). [The] Villa Pauli [that is] located in the exclusive Djursholm [north of Stockholm]. [When One Direction was there], guards constantly patrolled the garden surrounding the hotel to keep fans away.”

Due to stress in the past, One Direction decided to make a different decision about their stay in Scandinavia in 2015 — and this makes things really convenient for Icona Pop.

Expressen Sweden says One Direction suddenly decided not to stay in Norway when they arrived for tour — but instead chose to fly back to Sweden without hanging out in Norway. They also claim, “Sweden stated that it would be the band’s residency in the Nordic tour…. It is unclear how One Direction will spend their days until the concert in Gothenburg on Tuesday (June 23).”

The Swedish press may not be sure how One Direction will spend their time, but there are a few clues out there and perhaps Icona Pop is the answer. The duo will join One Direction in San Diego on July 9 for the North American leg of the On the Road Again tour, and they are from Sweden.

Despite the fact that they are based in Stockholm, Icona Pop will be in One Direction’s area of Sweden on June 26 (the day before One Direction plays in Finland).

Could it be that Icona Pop is already in Gothenburg with One Direction and are going over the details of their upcoming American tour — or is this another one of One Directions Scandinavian secrets?

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