WWE Rumor: Sheamus To Cash-In ‘Money In The Bank’ Contract At ‘Battleground’?

WWE was able to successfully swerve their fans when Sheamus won the Money in the Bank contract last Sunday night as Roman Reigns was expected to become the new “Mr. Money in the Bank.”

After the initial shock, most fans had an apathetic reaction to Sheamus’ win. Since his return from injury back in March, Sheamus has been doing the best work of his career. However, the fans have never — and still haven’t — embraced him as a main event level guy.

There have been only two men who haven’t successfully cashed in their Money in the Bank contract, and Sheamus could be the third man added to that list after July’s Battleground.

As everybody knows by now, Brock Lesnar is Seth Rollins’ next challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and the two will clash at Battleground. Apparently, the idea of Sheamus cashing in during the match — essentially doing what Seth Rollins did at WrestleMania, making it a triple-threat — has been thrown around.

Why would Sheamus cash in during the match?

WWE isn’t sure if they want to put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Lesnar at Battleground, and they may want to wait to do it until SummerSlam. However, they don’t want Brock Lesnar to get pinned, at least not yet. The idea is that Sheamus cashes in, Lesnar lays him out, Rollins somehow gets Lesnar out of the ring, and pins Sheamus. Therefore, Lesnar doesn’t win the title, but he doesn’t get beat either, just like at WrestleMania.

There has been a rumor that if Lesnar wins the WWE Title at Battleground, he’ll either defend it against Rollins in a rematch at SummerSlam or defend it against Roman Reigns atSummerSlam.

As of right now, WWE doesn’t have any immediate plans to make Sheamus the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he may not fit into their long-term plans either. However, WWE does typically like to have their Money in the Bank winners end up winning the WWE Title, so WWE may surprise us again and have Sheamus successfully cash in at some point in the near future.

The other idea that’s getting tossed around as it relates to WWE getting out of Battleground without giving Lesnar the title and not beating him is to have Lesnar get disqualified after multiple referees aren’t able to restrain him from beating down Rollins, which is never a popular finish with the fans. If WWE doesn’t want to have Sheamus cash in and fail, it’s likely that Lesnar will lose via DQ.

[Image via WWE]