Amber Rose Interview: ‘Fame Is Not Easy’ — Wiz Khalifa Dating Someone Else

Amber Rose’s Instagram thrives with tons of daily viewers. But is it exhausting for her? As Rose interviews with Larry King, she says “fame is not easy.”

No longer with Wiz Khalifa, Amber — like her Instagram — continues to expand. While she takes more interviews from those who want to dive into the life of Muva Rose, she’s becoming more comfortable talking about her journey.

Recently, she published a new book called How to Be a Bad B****. In this book, she points out many mistakes in her life that could possibly help young women skip similar crossroads in their lives.

Amber Rose Interview - 'Fame Is Not Easy' - Wiz Khalifa Dating Someone Else
Credits: YouTube

Relevantly, in an interview with Larry King, Amber Rose discussed her celebrity status and how he affects her. As can be seen from the video, when Larry asked her if her life was better or worse than she visualized as a child, Rose quotes as follows.

“Wow, that’s a really good question. Um, it’s better in a lot of ways, and it’s worse in a lot of ways. It’s 50/50.”

King took an interest in the “worse” part, to which Amber responded as follows.

“Just having fame…it’s not easy. It’s just not easy…

“I did not choose fame. I did not. I dated someone that was very famous and I developed a fanbase on my look alone, because I didn’t talk for a lot of years. And then once I realized that I had that fanbase, it was already too late for me, so I decided to… use it.”

The “someone” she spoke about is Kanye West. Her fame only continued to increase with more camera time with Wiz Khalifa and in her own endeavors.

While the Latin Post reports that Amber’s ex is now dating Annabelle Acosta, even now Rose’s Instagram is almost at seven million followers. However, always having to be camera-ready and publicly aware can be exhausting. Can beauty be both a blessing and a curse?

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[Video and Photo Credits: YouTube]