Louis Tomlinson’s Joker Side Appears In Oslo, Water Fight Continues

Has Louis Tomlinson finally accepted a new career as a comedian? After recent antics performed on stage during the One Direction European tour, Louis Tomlinson fans suspect that he is more than a little playful lately. Is this because European fans are betting on Louis Tomlinson?

Louis Tomlinson and One Direction only have a couple of tour dates left in June for the European leg of their On the Road Tour. However, as Louis Tomlinson passes through Europe, he is being met with eyebrow-raising reviews by the media. In particular, Louis Tomlinson created a funny impression during their tour date in Oslo, Norway, on June 19.

Could Louis Tomlinson fans sense his odd behavior coming? Video from the night of the Oslo concert shows Louis Tomlinson while Liam Payne sings “Night Changes” — and Louis Tomlinson has a sinister glimmer in his eyes.

Was Louis Tomlinson simply frustrated that he could not get his microphone stand to work, or was he harboring some secretly aggressive feelings?

Later that night, the English newspaper UnReality TV stated the following.

“However, things weren’t quite so sweet between Louis Tomlinson and One Direction and last night the boys faced off in yet another water fight. Louis Tomlinson has sneaky soaked his bandmate on many occasions over the course of the last few shows, so yesterday Liam Payne was determined to get his own back.”

This report may have been loosely translated and some of the meaning has been lost because Louis Tomlinson fans know he is a long-time fan of water fights. Could this be a continuation of the water fight that Louis Tomlinson started on stage in Manila?

As if the water fight continuing over the course of several nights was not enough for Louis Tomlinson, Fan 2 France reports that Louis Tomlinson was doing the wheelbarrow on stage at the Oslo show. They then go deeper and try to insinuate that this wheelbarrow contest on stage was a Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles romance moment (A.K.A. Larry Stylison).

Speaking of the Oslo show, the media in Indonesia picked up on a Louis Tomlinson angle that may make some fans blush. Apparently, while Liam Payne was standing next to Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson (perhaps wanting to continue their water fight) smacked Liam in the crotch with his microphone when Liam ignored him.

Lupitan 6 concludes with, “Either way, Louis Tomlinson’s efforts failed. Liam Payne turned away and continued joking with Niall Horan.”

Will there be any more shenanigans from Louis Tomlinson on this leg of the tour? As it appears, there are only two more dates on June 23 (Sweden) and June 27 (Finland) for One Direction’s tour. This timeline gives Louis Tomlinson a chance to finish that water fight — and prepare for the American One Direction tour that begins on July 9 in San Diego.

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