Caitlyn Jenner Blamed For Charleston Shootings: Conservative Pundit Erick Erickson’s Bizarre Theory

While numerous conservative commentators have been searching for any explanation other than racial hatred for the Charleston shootings — in which 21-year-old white supremacist Dylann Roof is alleged to have murdered nine members of the congregation at a historic, African-American church on Wednesday night — one prominent conservative commentator came up with what may be the most bizarre explanation so far for the horrific and heartbreaking shootings.

According to radio host and former CNN on-air personality Erick Erickson, the real villain behind the terrible shootings is none other than — Caitlyn Jenner.

Republicans and conservatives ranging from Fox News hosts to presidential candidate Jeb Bush have proven reluctant to state the obvious — that Dylann Roof was driven by simple hatred of black people when he, according to police, committed the sickening murders.

While some have insisted that the killings, because they took place in a church, were a hate crime not against black people — despite the fact that according to survivors, the killer announced, “I’m here to shoot black people” — but on Christians. Others, like Bush, simply punted, saying they just “don’t know” what motivated the massacre.

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal went as far as to argue that the killings could not have been the result of racism because racism no longer exists in Southern states.

But Erickson offered perhaps the most far-fetched explanation of all.

In a Friday blog post, the conservative radio host said that the Charleston killer was motivated simply by generalized “evil” — but that Americans, as a nation, are unable to prevent acts of evil because discussing the nature of evil is “the conversation we won’t have.”

Why? Because, in Erickson’s view, American society is too accepting of people that he, Erickson, considers “crazy” or “evil,” people such as the former Olympic champion once known as Bruce Jenner, but who has now transitioned into a woman named Caitlyn.

“A society that looks at a 65 year old male Olympian and, with a straight face, declares him a her and ‘a new normal’ cannot have a conversation about mental health or evil because that society no longer distinguishes normal from crazy and evil from good,” Erickson wrote.

“Our American society has a mental illness — overwhelming narcissism and delusion — and so cannot recognize what crazy or evil looks like,” he added.

Erickson also condemned those who attributed the Charleston killings to racism as “race hustlers.”

Why Erickson and other conservatives have refused to recognize the racial motivation behind the Charleston shootings is a topic for debate.

But if there was any genuine doubt, it was removed on Saturday when a manifesto either written by Dylann Roof or at least copied and posted on his website, explained in great detail how and why he became a racist and white supremacist.

The Inquisitr story on the Charleston shootings suspect’s apparent manifesto can be read at this link, and the entire text of the shocking and depressing document can be read at this link. Erick Erickson has yet to comment publicly on the contents of the manifesto.

[Images: Fox News, E! News Screen Grabs]