Janet Jackson New Album, Tour Underway — Races Through Airport To Get Past Paparazzi [Video]

Janet Jackson recently announced her Unbreakable Tour for her new music. It's been a while since she's performed live. On her way, she's seen racing through the airport.

As you know, LAX sees its share of celebrities passing through. Well, once again, Janet — in the wake of her new album — was seen darting through the crowded airport in black attire and a seemingly large hairdo. X17 got exclusive coverage of the musical artist's departure.

As befitting as her appearance grabbed everyone's attention, she simultaneously offered the bombarding paparazzi no leeway. Possibly in an effort to provide zero music -- or tour idea -- leaks she just kept quiet. However, she did give an apology, stating that she was in a hurry.

As mentioned, Janet Jackson's new album is called Unbreakable and is her first album in seven years. As reports Daily Mail, Jackson's tour will last until approximately mid-November.

"Janet is set to perform 36 dates in 32 cities, beginning on August 31 in Vancouver, Canada with her first U.S. show slated for September 11 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

"The Unbreakable World Tour will continue on through November 12, its final show in Honolulu, Hawaii."

The Inquisitr also covered a piece on the artist's tour announcement. The story lists Janet's tour schedule.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Jackson's album will be based on fans, family, love, marriage, and the human spirit. The celebrity news show reports as follows.

"The music icon wants her message to the world to be that through mistakes, pain and loss...the bond of love is unbreakable."
Given that the last time Janet Jackson toured was in 2008, how do you feel the pop legend will fair as she comes back on the scene? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Video and Photo Credits: YouTube]