Eating Less Is Better Than Exercise For Weight Loss

For weight loss, eating less is better than exercise, according to recent studies. Cutting calories is more effective than exercise in achieving weight loss. The reason is that it is less time-consuming to cut out a snack or decrease a meal portion than making the time to exercise.

Studies about diet and exercise also show that exercise plays a role in weight loss maintenance. To avoid gaining back pounds lost, people can develop healthier exercise habits as part of their long-term fitness plans.

Philip Stanforth, a professor of exercise science at the University of Texas and the executive director of the Fitness Institute of Texas, contends that diet is more important for short-term success, making regular workouts critical for staying fit and trim.

Stanforth added that some studies showed over 90 percent of people who lost weight were able to keep it off with exercise. At the same time, different groups have been tracked when it comes to losing 500 calories by eating less or exercising, and eating less has been more effective and consistent. Citing time and discipline, Stanforth says most people cannot commit to exercise daily.

Exercise also has other benefits, including immune boosts and mood boosts for those with stress, depression and anxiety. The studies are not meant to discourage anyone from exercising. They are simply designed to conclude what is most effective for weight loss goals, and eating less is more effective than exercising daily.

As a comparison between jogging and eating less, a person burns about 350 calories in thirty minutes of jogging. The same calorie loss can be achieved by not drinking two 16-ounce soda bottles or cutting some other food or drink item from a diet.

The logic is that a person is more likely to stick with a diet adjustment than making the time for strenuous exercise to achieve the same weight loss results.

Inquisitr recently reported on high fat diet trends and how they help with weight loss goals. There are a variety of ways to adjust diet to achieve significant weight loss in a short amount of time. The key to longevity is to add exercise as part of a weight management routine.

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