New ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Mod Calls An AC-130 ‘Call Of Duty’-Style

Grand Theft Auto V on PC is a completely new experience compared to other versions of the 2013 game by Rockstar. Thanks to mods, players can experience all sorts of interesting and unique gameplay elements, such as dropping whales on the freeway, using the Just Cause grappling hook to escape the cops, or now calling in air support as seen in the Call of Duty franchise.

The Grand Theft Auto V mod isn’t just an AC-130 that flies around in the background, harassing the residents of Los Santos on your behalf, but rather, it allows you to take control of the military plane and wreak a special kind of havoc. The mod first appeared on PC in Grand Theft Auto IV, and thanks to an intrepid modder it’s back and better than ever.

The GTA V AC-130 comes equipped with a 40mm Bofor Gun as well as a 150mm Howitzer. Also included in the mod are realistic sounds and crew chatter from the aforementioned AC-130.

The mod does require the use of Script Hook V, a modding tool that allows custom scripts to be used within Grand Theft Auto V. Also, for fans looking to use this mod, the creator recommends to only use it in the first-person perspective, as it doesn’t work well with Grand Theft Auto’s native third-person view.

Originally it was expected that mods wouldn’t work on GTA V or rather their use would ban you from the game. Rockstar has said that the use of mods in Grand Theft Auto Online would result in a ban, but the single-player game is fair game. However that hasn’t kept modders from trying to bring their own brand of gameplay and game-breaking scripts into the social part of GTA V. Kotaku recently reported in fact that a player hired a modder to save him from another modder on Grand Theft Auto Online.

PC mods are one of the best reasons to play GTA V on the platform, as the mod is only limited by the creator’s imagination. As modders become better at their craft and working with GTA V‘s code, chances are players will see more and more ambitious mods. For now, however, being able to take out your enemies or targets in Grand Theft Auto V from the safety of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-style AC-130 will have to do. And that’s not such a bad thing in the end.

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