Pit Bull Attack: Man Mauled By Three Dogs In Backyard, Officer Risked Life To Help

In the latest pit bull attack, three pits assaulted a man in his backyard. A resident witness said she heard yells and barks but didn’t know of the situation.

In Pike Township, Indianapolis — along the 6800 block of Middleton Court — three dogs had been recently terrorizing the neighborhood. While various residents had seen the loose pit bulls trotting around, they had also been able to avoid them.

Pit Bull Attack - Man Mauled By Three Dogs In Backyard, Officer Risked Life To Help II
Credits: YouTube

Unfortunately, those same dogs attacked a man in his backyard on Thursday, June 18, 2015. As he mowed the lawn, the pits trespassed onto his property and began their assaults, as reports WISH-8.

A neighbor from down the street, Fatima Diaz, said that she heard the man from her house.

“I was in my room lying down at around the time it happened and I just heard like a yell, like a scream, and I heard some dogs barking.”

Pit Bull Attack - Man Mauled By Three Dogs In Backyard, Officer Risked Life To Help
Credits: YouTube

By the time she heard the man’s cries, an officer was on-scene trying to help. As the pit bull attack raged on, the officer fought them with his baton, the news medium reports.

Eventually, the dogs dispersed and were caught by Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. The enforcement unit also removed a fourth dog unrelated to the attack.

Fatima and her family have had run-ins with that group of three before. She says that the pits scared her because she’s been attacked before.

“I was really scared because I’ve been attacked by a dog before. I’m really scared of them and when we saw them in my backyard, I was really scared…

…I was inside and my mom she was yelling at us because she was in the backyard on the balcony on like the third step. She thought she was going to get attacked by the dogs.”

Tracie Rhim is another neighbor who’s been dealing with those three pit bulls as well. She’s had much concern for her children and others around the neighborhood, she told WISH-8. Though she says that loose dogs have been an ongoing issue, it’s hardly been a pit bull issue.

“We have a couple of little dogs that run loose. As far as pit bulls, there’s only really one pit bull that I’ve ever seen loose. I did say something to the owner the day before yesterday that if they didn’t leash it, I was going to call animal control.”

Regardless, the dogs were captured and taken away. As for the officer, he was unharmed, and the attack victim is recovering steadily.

What are your thoughts about pit bull attacks? Have any happened to you or anyone you know? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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