Lana Del Rey’s Foreign Media Exclusives, Del Rey Handbags, ‘Sexy Oversights’

Are you a Lana Del Rey fan that feels the media does not write enough about her? If you are fan that needs to read something new about Lana Del Rey everyday — check out the foreign media.

Unfortunately, not all articles about Lana Del Rey that are printed in foreign languages are that interesting — and are simply reprints of the information fans see in English.

Another example of frustrating Lana Del Rey reading in other languages is one about Taylor Swift performing in Germany over the third weekend in June. The German article had a Lana Del Rey name-drop at the end of the story — but the meaning was lost in translation.

Along those lines, some Lana Del Rey articles in the non-English-speaking world cannot be understood if they are translated by a web browser that has not fully tweaked their translating programs. A lack of high-quality web browser translating tools is a loss to Lana Del Rey fans since there are many foreign language articles that go in depth about Lana Del Rey.

On the other hand, fans that take the time to specifically read loosely-translated, foreign-language Lana Del Rey articles can get juicy tidbits of LDR gossip before it hits the American media. A good example is Lana Del Rey’s European fashion world connections.

The Italian Fashion Blog posted on June 20 that a new fashion house has opened — and Lana Del Rey is somehow involved. The article discusses the Mulberry fashion house and how one of their main designers left to open the Hill & Friends fashion house.

In Europe, Emma Hill is known as the designer that created the Del Rey handbag inspired by Lana Del Rey. Could this mean that the Lana Del Rey handbags idea could expand — into a new Hill & Friends collection?

Some Lana Del Rey articles in non-English languages are serious — but most are not. Instead of focusing on Lana Del Rey news specific to the non-English-speaking country where they were written, many stories about Lana Del Rey are often very gossipy — just like America.

An example is a story published by the Spanish-language publication El Grafico on June 20 that highlights Lana Del Rey’s history of nudity.

Loosely translated, the title of this article is “Lana Del Rey and her sexy oversights” — and they claim that she has often shown the audience her crotch while she performs.

Another expectation fans of Lana Del Rey can have when reading about her in the foreign media is a different perspective. For instance, in America, the media predominately described Lana Del Rey’s new $3 million home in Malibu as beautiful.

The Slovak-speaking media, alternatively, thought the outside of the house looked terrible — and like it was about to fall into the ocean.

In the end, a strong media presence overseas (and the comments on her website from non-English-speakers) proves that Lana Del Rey has established a worldwide audience that cannot wait to see her performing live — again.

[Feature image via Getty Images]