June 29, 2017
Sofia Vergara Shares Secrets To An Impossibly Good Life

Sofia Vergara is sharing secrets to an impossibly good life as part of promoting the Skinny Cow brand. In a playful video, the actress simply states that the secret to a great career is to "work hard." The Emmy-award winner received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in May for her role as Gloria in Modern Family.

As Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, Vergara has reached success through her part on the popular television show, including co-stars Julie Bowen, Ed O'Neill, and Eric Stonestreet. It is clear that her hard work has paid off with nominations for four Golden Globe Awards, four Prime Time Emmy Awards and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards.

It is not only Vergara's talent and charisma that has made her successful. Her seemingly effortless natural beauty and curves have also led to her success.

With regards to her beauty regimen, Vergara simply answers, "More is more!"

Part of Vergara's secret to an impossibly good life some from her happiness as she gets ready to marry Joe Manganiello in the upcoming year. Sharing her feelings about his role in the new Magic Mike movie, Vergara said that she had seen the movie and witnessed Manganiello's dance routines many times.

Her down to Earth attitude is evident as she recommends her fiance's movie.

"The girls are going to love it but also so are the guys! There are a lot of jokes that have nothing to do with strippers or men without shirts."
Sofia's involvement with Skinny Cow also comes as a result of her admitting to having a sweet tooth and wanting to enjoy the guilty pleasure of a sweet treat without the guilt. The brand has been collecting women's best tips, tricks, and secrets to living the good life as part of its promotions. The hashtag, #SkinnyCowSecret reveals the secrets of many women, including Vergara.

Inquisitr recently reported on the bride-to-be's upcoming wedding workouts and diet plans. Vergara noted that she is more likely to balance her treats and enjoy what makes her happy by working out and keeping track of what she eats.

"I think I'm very sexy in general."
The actress is well known for eating ice cream and enjoying sweet treats, promoting an idea that living a good life is about balance and being happy. With sex appeal, charm, and humor, the Colombian actress has worked for her success and is generous to share simple secrets for others to follow in her sexy footsteps.

(Photo courtesy of Baranquilla Living)