New Orleans Police Officer Fatally Shot While Transporting Suspect

Authorities in Louisiana are searching for a suspect who allegedly took the gun from a New Orleans police officer and fatally shot the police officer in the head.

Dozens of law enforcement officials have arrived at the scene in New Orleans to gather evidence from the shooting. reported that authorities have identified the suspect as 33-year-old Travis Boys. The shooting reportedly occurred inside a police vehicle.

The vehicle crashed into a utility pole and Boys, who was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault, fled the scene, police told the Times-Picayune. After the officer was shot, the suspect fled the scene on foot, triggering a manhunt.

The officer who was shot has been identified as Daryle Holloway. Officer Holloway, 46, was a 22-year veteran. Holloway was pronounced dead around 9 a.m. local time after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

“This is an extremely sad day for the police department and a sad day for the city of New Orleans,” said Michael Harrison, a New Orleans police superintendent and a personal friend of Holloway for 22 years.

Harrison says the suspect was in handcuffs with his hands behind his back in the backseat of a police cruiser, but somehow Boys managed to remove his hands from behind his back. He then maneuvered his way through a port opening in the caging that separates the front and back areas of the vehicle and was able to murder Holloway. Currently, it is unclear how Boys obtained the gun to murder the officer.

Law enforcement agencies from throughout the area are involved in the manhunt for Boys.

“He will pay for what he did,” Harrison said.

John Polk, who lives in a property around the corner from the shooting, said he was just awakening when he heard a noise, but it was not a gunshot.

“It was just the noise from a transformer blowing and knocking the power out,” Polk said.

Polk said he did not realize that the officer had been the victim of a murder until close to 45 minutes later as he was leaving the house to take his wife to work.

Power lines are down in the area of New Orleans where the vehicle crashed, a scene that drew dozens of officers shortly after the shooting. Harrison says the murder has shaken the police department.

Harrison said telling Holloway’s family of the murder was the hardest thing he has had to do as New Orleans police chief.

[Image Source: New Orleans Police Department]