Anderson Cooper Breaks Out Into Giggle Fit Over Dyngus Day Segment

Anderson Cooper already broke out in a giggle fit once before during a ‘RidicuList’ segment on his show, AC360, and now he’s gone and done it again.

In a RidicuList segment about Dyngus Day, an annual Polish American celebration of the end of Lent, Cooper managed to keep his composure as himself and a TV narrator run through the holiday with a funny name, but it all fell apart whhen Anderson lost his composure when the TV narrator got to this bit, uttered by the TV narrator:

“The quirky little ritual includes girls sprinkling boys they fancy with water and the girls striking back with a tap from a pussy willow branch.”

That bit of narration sent Cooper into another giggling frenzy, which he tried to cut short by briefly walking away from the set–which, by the way, didn’t work. Then, in the midst of Anderson’s giggle fit, he uttered, “It’s really so stupid,” which landed him in hot water.

“Would Anderson Cooper dare make fun of the Islamic holiday Id al-Fitr, in which Muslims spend three days celebrating their month-long fast?” Alex Storozynski, president of the Kosciuszko Foundation, an organization that aims to promote cultural ties between U.S. and Poland.

Cooper released a statement afterwards, calling it a misunderstanding. “I am concerned to hear that some people believe that I called Dyngus Day celebrations ‘stupid’ or in any way criticized this holiday. I did not. While in the midst of a silly giggle fit I said ‘this is so stupid’ in reference to my inability to stop laughing,” Cooper said in a statement.

“I was not saying Dyngus Day was ‘so stupid.’ I apologize to anyone who got the impression that I was being critical of Dyngus Day. I am genuinely sorry if I offended anyone by the lighthearted tone of the ‘RidicuList.’”

You can watch Anderson Cooper’s second giggle fit for yourself in the video below.