Catbox: Bucharest Communications Manager Cat Purrs To Win Job From 700 Applicants, But Is Grumpy Cat Jealous? [Video]

Catbox in Bucharest has hired a communications manager with the purr-fect qualifications. The new employee is a 9-month-old cat named Bossy, reported the Daily Mail.

An online store, Catbox reviewed many applicants for the coveted communications manager position. But the Bucharest start-up company decided that Bossy pawed away the competition.

The company creates original gifts, promising delivery in under a day. Helping to spread the word with his charm and good looks, Bossy is a blue Scottish Fold cat. And although 700 people wanted that Catbox job in Bucharest, the new communications manager promises that when it comes to the ability to meow, no one could do better. He may have included it in his New Year’s resolutions.

In addition, he’s learned to stand on his hind legs and is cool, calm, and collected when wearing appropriate work attire such as a shirt and jacket ensemble. Bossy will help publicize Catbox beyond Bucharest in his role as communications manager by doing voice-overs and giving paws up to the brand. He also is scheduled to provide a paw print of approval.

In return for all that work, the cat has a life that ranges well beyond the traditional litter box. Hopping into a limo, Bossy proudly rode to his first day on the job as the Bucharest’s company communications manager.

Just in case he wanted to meow some notes, four secretaries rode with him.

“He came dressed in a suit like a corporate manager and had an impressive attitude. He checked the computer and seemed quite intimidating particularly because nobody really knew what message he was trying to convey. I guess it’s the first demo and he needs time to settle in,” revealed Catbox spokesperson Alexandra Cozac.

Bossy the cat’s salary equals $225, reported ABC News.

The cat has apparently agreed to share the wealth with his owner, who gets the human share in cash with Bossy’s perks in the form of cat food.

As for duties, although typing public relations documents may be tricky, Bossy promises he’s ready to pose for promotional videos and possibly outdo Grumpy Cat.

For those who think that Bossy is the cat’s meow, it’s only fair to note that Grumpy Cat and Taylor Swift’s cats have become equally famous, as the Inquisitr reported.

And if you’re wondering about whether all these cat tails on the internet really serve a purpose, cat adoption groups say yes. They cite statistics showing that viewing adorable kitten videos and imaginary quotes from Grumpy Cat have boosted cat adoptions.

What do you think about Catbox’s kitty Bucharest communications manager? Should more companies hire cats in place of spokespeople? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]