Camp No Counselors: Summer Camp For Adults Brings Booze, Drunk Field Day, And Hangover Yoga

Summer camp was one of those things that you either loved or hated during your childhood. Well, it’s time to forget about all the bad things and know that adults can now take part in everything they loved about summer camp, and they can do it while drunk. Camp No Counselors and Camp Throwback have been created to have the fun without the pressure.

Where else can you have Drunk Field Day and Hangover Yoga?

According to CNN, Camp Throwback was started in Clarksville, Ohio by Brittany Gibbons, and done so that there can be no kids, a lot of booze, and even some romance. Gibbons loved her summers at camp when she was a kid, but wanted to expand on them.

“At Camp Throwback you do everything you did at camp as a kid.”

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. Camp Throwback isn’t just drinking and debauchery. Adults will be able to take part in watermelon-eating contests, enjoy meals in the mess hall, and even make friendship bracelets. Sober (?) Archery practice is also an option.

camp throwback sober archery

Along with the watermelon-eating contests, Drunk Field Day also brings forth the three-legged race and a huge dodgeball competition.

Still, there will be nightly parties with costumes, some frisky activity, and a lot of booze.

“You’d think that once you reach a certain age, you’d be an adult. But something about camp brings you right back to that 15-year-old debauchery.”

Gibbons is the author of the book “Fat Girl Walking” and believes that adults need to learn how to have fun and make new friends and keep on enjoying life.

In upstate New York, Nashville, Chicago, and Los Angeles, there are other camps for three-day getaways called Camp No Counselors. They are put together by Adam Tichauer who loved sleep-away camps as a child and wanted to relive them.

“I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we rented out a sleep-away camp and invited our friends.’ We could play all the activities like we did as kids… and maybe party at night.”

“The coolest thing is you get to meet all these new friends in a unique environment with shared experience.”

In 2013, Tichauer began Camp No Counselors and really lets people just enjoy their time there. The one big rule is that there is “No asking about work” while on the escape.

Camp Throwback has a few other rules, and one states that men and women are required to sleep in separate cabins. Still, there is plenty of romance and Gibbons states that waking up at 6 a.m. allows many to see the girls do “The Walk” from the boys’ cabins back to their own.

Camp Throwback and Camp No Counselors bring a lot of alcohol, some friendly romance for the weekend, and a lot of fun. They don’t bring all the old rules and homesickness though, and summer camp for adults is quickly becoming a huge thing.

[Images via CNN]