Exclusive: ‘Scrubs’ Star Donald Faison Talks How Fathers Day And Grilling Go Hand-In-Hand

Scrubs star Donald Faison is best known for his role as Turk in that famed-television program. Years after the show ended, Faison celebrated the birth of his daughter, Wilder. The TV star is going through is fatherly duties once again. With Father’s Day coming around the corner, one act for fathers and their families is imperative; grilling.

We caught up with Donald Faison, of Scrubs, about the importance of grilling, how it can bring families together and Fathers’ Day.

Inquisitr: Where did you interest in grilling come from? Was it something you always loved to do?

Donald Faison: “I grew up in New York City, and I don’t know if you know about New York, but we’re not known for our grilling. When I moved out to Los Angeles, I wanted to learn how to grill. I had a backyard for the first time and didn’t live in an apartment with a terrace. So, I bought a grill.”

“The first meal I ever tried to grill was pork ribs and I kind of blew it because I put the meat on the fire and tried to cook it that way. It was still rare in the middle and it didn’t work out as well as I wanted it to. However, practice, practice and practice. I got really good at making ribs and since then, I’ve loved grilling.”

“I love it and that’s why it’s a no-brainer that I hooked up with the National Pork Board to try and re-introduce people to grilling pork on the grill and reintroduce the flavors you can accomplish by grilling pork on the grill. Certain flavors like rubs, brines or mixing different flavors togethers and putting them on your pork. That’s the great thing about it, that it absorbs flavor and every bite is primo.”

Inquisitr: Talk about the importance of grilling and why it’s so imperative to Father’s Day.

Donald Faison: “Learning how to grill is a tradition that is passed down usually. I learned the untraditional way. I learned by moving to Los Angeles. I have buddies that grew up with their dads cooking on the grill for them and them standing by the grill watching their dad and then learning how to do it by watching.”

“I think it’s important and it brings a family together. Something about swimming in a pool, drying off and eating spare ribs or baby back ribs, there’s something American about that. When Father’s Day comes around this weekend, I’m hoping my kids want to celebrate me, but I’m also hoping that we spend out time in front of the grill and the television and out by the pool eating some delicious dishes.”

“Speaking of delicious dishes, go to www.porkmeinspired.com/grillcrasherers, there are great dishes on there too. If you’re looking for something to cook for Father’s Day, that’s the place to go. We’re also trying to promote on this Father’s Day to do ‘grillfies.’ Take pictures of yourself and your favorite cut and post it on your favorite social media site and hashtag it ‘grillpork.’

“It’s a great day to celebrate, why not celebrate it that way? We want to inspire people to come together as a family and what better way to do it than by grilling pork.”

Inquisitr: Without giving away any family secrets, what recipe can your recommend?

Donald Faison: “Me personally, I’m a pecan guy. If you can find a basic pecan rub, you’re good to go. Throw a little salt or pepper on there to bring out the savory flavor in it, you got a nice, little sweet and savory rib.”

Inquisitr: How has your time in Scrubs and the movie, Clueless, helped you promote something this important?

Donald Faison: “I was very lucky to be a part of a great productions like Clueless, Scrubs, and Remember the Titans. There’s one thing that brings a crew together like none other, that’s grilling out. On each and every one of those sets, there was a grill and food cooked on that grill. At some point, the whole crew surrounded the grill waiting to eat whatever they were cooking.”

“There are two types of grillers: the kind that use the gas and the others that use the charcoal. It’s a skill you have to work at, but once you get it, you can do so many things and impress others with your skills at grilling. Because of being on those sets and seeing that, it made me want to buy a grill. I bought a grill and the rest is history.”

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