Kate Upton ‘Game of War’: The Real Reason Mariah Carey Is Replacing The Supermodel

What a game indeed! On the heels of the news that Kate Upton – the current face of the hit video game Game of War – was being replaced by Mariah Carey, the reasoning behind the switch seems to have been revealed.

TMZ is reporting that there was no issue with Kate Upton on set, nor behind the scenes. In fact, the decision came down to one simple fact: Mariah Carey’s music. According to the tabloid, Carey’s music will be featured in the upcoming spots, which explains why the company is switching gears from the younger Upton to the almost 20 years older Carey.

“A lot of people find it weird that the company is veering from Kate to Mariah, and we’re hearing it has something to do with music,” TMZ confirmed.

As reported by Inquistr, the difference in age has been the major talking point when addressing the Game of War switch from Kate Upton to Mariah Carey, with many arguing that even discussing the issue is ageist in nature.

The Daily Mail however thinks Mariah Carey’s age difference won’t matter much in the long run.

“The Game Of War franchise – which follows the ‘sex sells’ advertising motto – shouldn’t have to worry. Mariah may have 20+ years on the young model, but she’s a veteran, having been the face of AT&T, Pepsi and Jenny Craig. And her age has proved to have had no impact on her image – the songstress still stuns like she did in her 1997 video for Honey.”

And what about Upton herself? What does she think about Mariah Carey stepping into her busty role in the Game of War ad spots? “I think she’s gonna be awesome,” Upton told TMZ.

With Mariah taking over, Kate Upton could have a lot of free time on her hands. At the moment, it appears she’s occupying it by watching her main squeeze, Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, in action. The South Carolina SC is reporting that Upton got to see Justin up close as he took on the New York Yankees in the Bronx last night.

It was certainly an eventful outing, though not on the positive side for Verlander. In the first inning of last night’s game, Justin delivered his first pitch to Alex Rodriguez who blasted it over the right field fence. More notably however, the hit was Arod’s career 3000th, putting him in rarified territory in Major League Baseball. The Yankees utlimately crushed Verlander and the Tigers 7-2.

Perhaps with Game of War off her plate, Kate Upton can find other ways to occupy her time instead of watching her boyfriend Justin Verlander – not if every outing is going to end up like this!

[Kate Upton image via Baggo Games | Mariah Carey image via Radio Buzz]