TNA Rumors: Three Leaving Company And Talents Still Dealing With Late Or No Pay

Danny Cox

TNA Wrestling has dealt with a number of issues over the past couple of months, and the biggest being the addition of Ring of Honor to Destination America. Other issues have been the loss of a lot of talent and the rumors of payroll being delayed or not coming at all. Now, three have left the company and there are rumors of payroll issues once again.

One of the main things is that Gunner is no longer a TNA Superstar as he is done with the company and ready to accept bookings. His comments on Twitter kind of make it seem that the parting may not have been mutual, but he's not bitter.

— Gunner (@TNA_GUNNER) June 19, 2015

Two other employees have also recently left the company, according to WrestleZone. Video editor Eric Tompkins and longtime video producer Simon Edwards both gave their notices to TNA and are leaving. Edwards has been with the company for over 10 years.

Pro Wrestling is reporting that TNA is also having other issues and once again, it has to do with talent payroll. Earlier this year, there were a lot of rumors of problems with both in-ring talent and production workers getting paid.

Apparently, several TNA in-ring talents are still dealing with late pay. It appears at the current time that payroll is a week behind in TNA. On June 28, TNA Slammiversary will take place, and rumor has it that checks might arrive in time for that and the tapings that will follow.

There was one TNA performer who spoke anonymously and said that they were upset at TNA President Dixie Carter showing off the new X-Division Title.

— Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) June 15, 2015

It appears as if employees of TNA have recently been paid on time in the past couple of weeks. Independent wrestlers and staff working on different deals usually end up being those that have their pay come late.

[Image via TNA]