October 25, 2016
Ruby Rose Has Something To Say To Women 'Going Gay' For Her

Ruby Rose is stealing the hearts of female binge-watchers everywhere and she knows it. Rose, the breakout star of Orange is the New Black's third season, seems to be taking it all in stride though.

"My manager was like, 'You're like a viral sensation.' And I'm like, 'That sounds like an STD,'" Ruby told the Huffington Post.

Although the reaction to Rose's performance on Orange is the New Black seems to be largely positive, there are some who do feel offended by straight women claiming to be "going gay" for Ruby. These arguments center around the premise that "going gay" isn't a choice and doesn't even apply here because Ruby Rose is gender-fluid. Gender-fluid means that she doesn't identify as a man or woman, although she's fine with feminine pronouns being used in reference to her.

The criticism's aren't just on Twitter. Jezebel's Madeleine Davies writes that all of these girl crushes for Rose are reading as disingenuous.

"Homosexuality and bisexuality aren't identities that you get to try on for a day to show off how liberal and down you are," she writes. "So, please, while you—a straight girl—are free to have a crush on whomever you want, do everyone a favor and calm the f*ck down. You don't get a cookie for finding a woman attractive."

But Ruby is pretty open to all of the love from women that's coming her way. She believes that it could actually open doors for LGBT people to gain more acceptance in society.

"My sense is definitely more lighthearted and neutral on it," Rose said. "I feel like we have gone so far in the direction of being more all-encompassing and being more supportive of one another. I really believe as a minority, and as a community -- the gay, lesbian, trans community -- [...] I think we need to be sort of supportive of one another."

Ruby is also taking all of these claims of women 'going gay' for her with a grain of salt.

"I think people are just saying that to be complimentary. I don't think anyone's doing it to be derogatory or to take away from what it really means to come out and identify as a different sexuality than what people will think you are," Rose said.

So feel free to fantasize about Ruby Rose, straight girls; it looks like she's kinda into it.

[Photo via Netflix / Orange is the New Black]