Nick Jonas Single: Jealousy, Travel Schedules Prompted Break-Up With Olivia Culpo

Singer Nick Jonas is single, breaking off his two-year relationship with beauty queen Olivia Culpo last week. His hit single, “Jealous,” says it all, with reports that Olivia’s jealousy was the downfall of their relationship.

According to Hollywood Life, the couple’s relationship started fading right after the Billboard Music Awards in May, with Olivia’s jealous side coming out when girls were “hitting on Nick.” There were other factors in the breakup as well, including the couple’s hectic travel schedules.

Culpo, who won the Miss USA pageant in 2012, is busy with her career and can’t travel with Nick as much as she used to. Nick is preparing to go on tour starting September 6, with 19 cities in North America scheduled on his Live in Concert tour.

Carrying on a long distance relationship didn’t work out for either of them, but it was Nick who ultimately ended it with Olivia. The last time the couple was spotted together was at the Billboard Music Awards in May. Rumors that a breakup was imminent started circulating shortly after that. According to Hollywood Life, Nick is a “commitment-phobe” and distance “killed the relationship.”

“[Nick]’s a commitment-phobe, he’s had one foot in and one foot out the whole time. Distance did not make the heart grow fonder for Nick, as his booming career and the long distance they spent from each other killed the relationship in Nick’s eyes.”

The Daily Mail reports that the “Chains” singer and his now-ex-girlfriend were in New York City on June 11, but they stayed at different hotels and didn’t spend any time together.

Nick hinted that a split was coming during a recent interview with People. He talked about making long distance relationships work, but he was vague about how Olivia would factor in during his upcoming tour. Nick stated that “the long distance thing can be tough” but by staying “transparent and honest, it should be okay.”

Apparently things weren’t okay for the couple, with Jonas making no mention about Culpo joining him on tour. Instead, he stated that while he is on the road making tour stops, he prefers to be “kind of in my thing.” Loosely translated — he would not be with his girlfriend of two years during his tour.

Nick Jonas first met Olivia Culpo while he was co-hosting the 2013 Miss USA pageant. They started dating shortly after the pageant and confirmed their relationship publicly at the U.S. Open in September 2013.

[Image: Nick Jonas, Instagram]