Justin Bieber’s Secret For Fashion Design Success Revealed

Will Justin Bieber start designing prom dresses for fans? Justin Bieber was in Hong Kong on business in mid-June, but he took the time to tell the world that he is about to break into the fashion design world — and reveals his secret to fashion design success.

However, is Justin Bieber new to fashion? As it appears, Justin Bieber’s name is frequently mentioned in the news in association with fashion or style, and it looks like being a designer is his final uncovered career angle.

Where is Justin Bieber’s fashion career at currently? Australian news sources reported in June that Justin Bieber already has the fastest growing fashion brand — on Tumblr. In reality, Justin Bieber has already had a successful fashion career with Adidas and others.

Growing his number of fashion contracts, in late July 2014, Justin Bieber announced that he was the official face of Calvin Klein and was established as the underwear model in January 2015. Sources like the Daily Mail suspect this may have come about because Justin Bieber started posting selfies of him in his Calvin Klein underwear in early 2014.

Fashionista went as far to claim in a May 21 article that Justin Bieber was using the fashion world at large to stage a comeback after a recent history of being arrested. The article goes on to claim key fashion events over the past year that builds their theory about Justin Bieber.

Their evidence includes Justin Bieber’s appearances on the V Magazine 2015 music issue cover and the recent Hero magazine cover.

Adding to Fashionista’s theory, the Huffington Post Canada reported on July 12 that Justin Bieber was also photographed for Vogue Italia’s 2015 July/August issue of L’Uomo.

Fashionista also notes that Justin Bieber was cited by Vogue as being one of the top in the fashion world for style. To top it all off, Entertainment Weekly reported on June 18 that Justin Bieber is likely to be in the new fashion-oriented Zoolander 2 movie.

Unfortunately, Justin Bieber’s fashion choices have not always been received very well by the media or fans (or Selena Gomez). Painful Justin Bieber fashion moments include him wearing overalls to accept the prestigious Diamond Jubilee medal from the Prime Minister of Canada.

Also, not everyone is going to be receptive to Justin Bieber in general. For instance, Rolling Stone reported in September that Justin Bieber was booed by the audience when he stripped down to his underwear at the 2014 Fashion Rocks event.

Along with a bad reception from some people that are not Justin Bieber fans, his modeling career has been criticized. Despite the fact that he is considered a professional model, the New York Times reported on January 14 that Justin Bieber’s ads with Calvin Klein were photoshopped.

But is modeling Justin Bieber’s true career choice — and does it matter if he fits all the criteria for being a professional model? Ultimately, Justin Bieber simply wants to design clothes and start producing his menswear designs.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Justin Bieber was in Hong Kong for a Calvin Klein fashion event. Justin Bieber stated the following around June 16 concerning his new intentions with fashion.

“Just being recognized by the fashion world in such a way so far has been awesome… I’m excited to venture into a new lane….Really new and something I’ve always really liked, but now I’m just moving forward into that direction.”

The Hong Kong interview on June 16 also showed the direction Justin Bieber wanted to go next with fashion. Prom dresses made by Justin Bieber may be a fantasy of every fan, but he will likely stick with styles that he likes to wear himself.

In particular, Justin Bieber wants to design menswear — and street wear. Lately, Justin Bieber reports he has been preparing for this fashion design attempt by learning about styling and fabric quality.

What can you expect from Justin Bieber’s fashion collection? Justin Bieber was quoted in Hong Kong as saying he is “really into, like, drapy things, drapy sweaters, layering pieces.”

Despite everything, Justin Bieber is willing to go into fashion because he finally understood Kanye West’s fashion experience. In short, Justin Bieber learned that Kanye’s secret to success in fashion was to try again and again after each failure.

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