Is Nick In Fear Of The Walking Dead Or Just A Drug Deal Gone Bad? [Video]

By now most Walking Dead fans have seen the new teaser for AMC’s spinoff series, Fear the Walking Dead. The video only runs for 30 seconds and is entitled “Nick’s Escape.” While many fans suspect Nick (played by Frank Dillane) is on the run from the undead, some have also pointed out that Nick is a character who has drug addiction issues. So could Nick just be on the run from a drug deal gone bad?

So let’s take a closer look at the Fear The Walking Dead video.

Fear The Walking Dead teaser video 0.03

The teaser video opens with Nick exiting a building via a window. We see him with his top opened at the front and the outside of the building displays some sort of graffiti. This graffiti is kind of interesting because, at a distance, it almost looks like a biohazard image, which might indicate Nick is escaping from a quarantined building. A perfectly good reason to be running. Although, if Nick were quarantined, it is unlikely he would be wearing civilian clothing. Unless, of course, he has just arrived there and hasn’t had a chance to be fully processed yet. Something very interesting to note though is this first image of Fear the Walking Dead also shows Nick wearing what appears to be a ladies cardigan as it doesn’t seem long enough to reach his jeans. Later on we see he is barefoot as well.

Fear The Walking Dead teaser video 0.06

As the scene pans out, we get another glimpse of the graffiti. It is still unclear what the image is, however, it certainly looks more like graffiti and less like a biohazard symbol in this image. Nick is, however, running between two fences, both overgrown. The outer fence is tall, secure iron and the inner one is cyclone fencing. Nick is haphazardly looking behind him as he runs and certainly seems to be in a frantic panic that would indicate running for his life. However, we have no indication yet that he is running from the undead or a drug dealer with a gun.

The image below shows Nick turning as he reaches the end of the fenced passageway and turns to leave. It certainly looks like whoever is pursuing him is very close behind judging by the fear on his face.

Fear The Walking Dead teaser video 0.13

Next we see Nick from the other side of the fence and he is still looking back towards something although we can see a little distance behind him and the path appears clear. Whatever he saw in the building he escaped from has obviously scared him significantly. He also appears to shy away from something close to the fence but then continues fleeing for his life.

The next image of the Fear the Walking Dead teaser video shows Nick pulling up his pants as he is running. This would indicate he was only partially dressed when he began fleeing for his life – or he just has those jeans that hang too low. But, considering the top he is wearing still looks far too short for him, my guess is on Nick just grabbing any clothes he could as he left. It makes me wonder if he was in bed with a lady friend when things went bad. Did she turn? Is that who he is running from? Or did an unpaid dealer turn up and shoot first, asking questions later? We also get a good look at the building in this shot, and while it does have impressive fencing, it appears neglected, like Nick was in a run down part of LA. A car parked out front of the building is rusted out as if it was abandoned well before the threat of infection occurred in Fear the Walking Dead. The potential for a drug deal gone wrong suddenly looks more plausible.

Behind that car is a row of newer cars, many of them with their doors open. Maybe it was a drug bust? Could they be cop cars? Or have people just deserted their cars to flee for their lives? If that is the case, why is Nick the only one on the road?

Fear The Walking Dead teaser video 0.19

The teaser video of Fear the Walking Dead finishes with Nick running down the road, clearly fleeing for his life. The video closes with the Fear the Walking Dead title and then one word, “August.” Looks like there is still no word on the actually start date for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. While it is unclear just what Nick is running from in this Fear the Walking Dead teaser video, one thing is certain, “fear” is the one element that pervades the entire clip.

What do you think? Is Nick running from the walking dead or a drug deal gone bad in the latest teaser video for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

[Image credits: AMC / Fear The Walking Dead screen captures]