One Direction U.S.A. Tour Prizes: Honda, Radio Reveal Contests

Is there more to One Direction than dealing with Zayn Malik rumors? Although it may seem a bit dark for One Direction after Zayn Malik split, their tour of America is about to start. The exciting part for fans is that One Direction has spiced it up with a major sponsor along with radio support in each city.

After seeing One Direction on the red carpet in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards on May 17, fans have been hungry for more of their favorite band. Thankfully, One Direction will be back in North America on July 9 to play in San Diego and start their On the Road Again tour.

One Direction announced their tour in North America on October 23, 2014 — but sponsorship from Honda was not made official until June. Along with that, each city where One Direction will perform has a unique contest sponsored by a local radio station.

Helping One Direction with the touring funds is their sponsor, Honda. With the start of the American leg of the One Direction tour only a couple of weeks away, Honda has been stepping up their game. So far, One Direction fans have had a chance to enter a contest for prizes — but Honda is taking their sponsorship in a creative direction as well.

To promote One Direction’s tour, Honda asked the gents to customize a Honda Civic. CNN points out that this is something that Honda does each time they sponsor a musical tour — and this is not exclusive to One Direction.

In addition to being customized by One Direction, each member of the band with autograph the 2015 Honda Civic. All of this is for the fans, and there is a One Direction Honda Civic sweepstakes on the Honda website created exclusively for their sponsored tours.


CNN also points out that One Direction will have sweepstakes and contests sponsored by Honda throughout the tour. This means that One Direction fans will need to stay tuned for new announcements from Honda until the American tour ends on September 12, in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Some of the prizes that Honda has offered so far for the One Direction tour are airline tickets to see One Direction and a chance to meet One Direction in person.

On the Honda Civic Tour website (two weeks before One Direction begins their tour), there are contests for a trip to Boston, a trip to London, a sweepstakes for the One Direction Honda Civic — and one contest that might be overlooked.

Although it appears to be something fans would need to pay money for, Honda is offering a ticket upgrade contest. This prize will be awarded in each city — and that gives American One Direction fans 17 chances to win.

The “Mix Tix” tickets will be awarded around the time of each tour date and will give a fan (plus one guest) access to the mixing board area during the One Direction concert.

One other benefit of having Honda sponsor One Direction’s tour is the special discount ticket offer for fans — but these exclusive opportunities do expire.

For example, if an underage fan needed to bring their best friend and both of their parents to a One Direction concert, Honda has you covered. According to Honda’s press release on CNN, One Direction fans could “[get] 50% off a purchase of four tickets” using a promo code found on the Honda Civic Tour website. However, this offer expired on June 4.

Will there be any other kinds of prizes or contests from One Direction on their American tour — outside of Honda? There are several radio stations that have sponsored a chance for fans to win One Direction tickets, but many of those contests closed quickly.

Nevertheless, not all One Direction ticket contests are chosen randomly. Instead of doing a lottery-style drawing, Seattle gave away One Direction tickets to the fan that made the best video.

Along with sponsors and local radio support, One Direction has a surprise for fans. One Directions fans may have forgotten that Niall Horan and golfer Rory McIlroy struck up a deal for closing the North American tour.

According to Golf Week, in early April, Rory McIlroy promised Niall Horan he would sing on stage with One Direction on September 12, in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

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